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Saturday January 13th 2018

Jobless millenial’s rant about wayang Jobsbank and open-door FT issue

Hi Gilbert,

This came about when I spoke to a friend recently saying Gov measures are tightening foreigner inflow…I am here to debunk that myth. Feel free to post/edit as you see fit.

Alot of folks are under the misconception that the inflow of foreigners are slowing down. They are correct to a certain extent, the Government is scrutising work pass applications but there is no slowing down. For the last 4 years there have been a 57% in S Pass numbers from 113K to 178K.

The last time I checked 1 year ago I believe total population is 5.4 million, now is 5.7 million already.

Data is publicly available on MOM website. May I also add that the increase happened after the 2011 watershed elections. Goes to show the Gov doesn’t care about what the 39.9% is concerned with about foreigner inflows!

Look at the potential income of these 65K S passes in terms of levies, levies come in tiers but for simplicity I am just going to use Tier 1.

65000 X 330 X 12 months = S$257 million per annum more income for our Gov…

The schedule to the levies is appended here; I will not touch on work permit jobs since they dont affect Singaporeans but S Passes – the salary range is typically S$2,200 to S$5,500 on average. I am very sure we can hire some Singaporeans here!

Now that I am done with S Passes, I will talk about the EP now.

Also the Jobsbank and TAFEP is one big joke, posting an advertisement for 14 days does not stop corporations from hiring foreigners. They just wait it out.

Market practice is to post the job advert AFTER having the foreign candidate, do you really think Singaporeans are hired? WDA should post statistics of Singaporeans hired from the wayang Jobsbank! It is the worse recruitment portal I have seen.

There are also so many exemptions from advertising, you want to implement then do it properly like Australia lar…

For practical reasons, you are exempted from the Jobs Bank advertising requirement in any of these cases:

  • Your company has 25 or fewer employees.
  • The job position is paying a fixed monthly salary of $12,000 and above.
  • The job is to be filled by an intra-corporate transferee (ICTs). Under the World Trade Organisation’s General Agreement on Trade in Services (WTO GATS), ICTs refer to those holding senior positions in the organisation or have an advanced level of expertise.
  • The job is necessary for short-term contingencies (i.e. period of employment in Singapore for not more than one month).

I want to highlight on the intra-corporate transferee (ICTs). The requirement is so easy to fullfill, just need to work 1 year in country of origin then can come already… wah lau this is as good as open-door policy.

I know a famous IT firm (with HR friends inside) that tell the foreigner – local ratio is 10 foreigners to 1. They hire all the Indians on ICT on $8-10K salary – can you imagine coming from India with a 2K salary and then getting $8K in SG. Don’t come is idiot!

Don’t even get me started on the India-Singapore CECA!! I am astounded our millionaire scholars can agree to something like this.

Also per the Fair Consideration Framework, TAFEP is suppose to do this:

From 1 October 2015, MOM will also require the company to submit more information when applying for an EP, to assess whether Singaporeans were considered fairly. This includes information on:

  • The number of applications submitted by Singaporeans.
  • Whether Singaporeans were interviewed for the vacancy.
  • The firm’s current share of Singaporeans in  PME  positions.

Then in practice is this done? If yes, why haven’t catch any errand company in the news?

I just feel so screwed over by the Gov, I did my NS (MRed), my monies stuck in CPF and I realise my SA and Medisave combined have $80K!  That can more than repay my debt!

Just a late night rant from a sleepless Singaporean worried about his future.


Jobless Millenial

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6 Responses to “Jobless millenial’s rant about wayang Jobsbank and open-door FT issue”

  1. miss local says:

    No wonder I always saw the same advertisement being advertised but no response whatsoever after sending in CV.

  2. xyz says:

    You may get a response if you upfront give a low salary e.g. $2000 for a job opening that clearly requires a degree & 2-3 years experience.

    Intra-corporate transfers means that companies are allowed to hire foreigners back in their home country, make them work there for a short while, and then ship them over to Singapore.

    Most MNCs and banks in Singapore have been using this ICT method to bring in foreigners for the last 10 years already.

    BTW, some comments on the above article:
    1. The large increase in S-passes is due to the fact that MOM has been ordered to make it harder to approve E-pass. Many E-pass due for renewal kena downgraded to S-pass. And many new foreigners that previously could come in easily on E-pass now only get issued S-pass. Many companies & foreigners not happy with this.

    2. Officially there is only a minimum salary criteria for S-pass ($2200). No maximum salary. But those with salary of $3300 & above will try to get E-pass because E-pass no quota & no levy. The reason why you see more & more foreigners with S-pass but with salaries of $4+K is because more now kena rejected for E-pass.

    3. Not quite true to say Work Permit jobs (i.e. less than $2.2K salary) don’t affect Sinkies and not relevant for Sinkies. There will always be a significant group that aren’t able to get higher-paying jobs e.g. less well educated, low-marketable skills etc. An old uncle or aunty will rather have a simple sweeping/area-cleaning job paying $1200 with some annual leave & MC benefits, than having to collect & push a huge trolley load of cardboard and tin cans. Instead becoz of pro-biz laws and legs-open policy, people prefer to hire young banglahs or cheenas to clean our estates & office buildings. Even many poly & ITE grads end up in less than $2.2K starting pay jobs. They end up having to compete with & work with WP foreigners.

    4. Foreigners with many renewals of work passes (i.e. working in Singapore for many years liao) are also being questioned & rejected.


    to be frank its not just CECA … upcoming will be TPP and prior to this there are already a string of agreements signed.

    ICA and MOM don’t bother about arresting illegal labour and this is their response. we have NOT ENOUGH RESOURCES and we do not KNOW HOW TO CATCH illegal workers ESPECIALLY IT workers.

    in fact i know of a whistleblower witnessing MOM releasing an illegal worker after arresting in and he still freely come in and out of singapore to steal our jobs.

    Lim swee say is really a hopeless and really an IRRESPONSIBLE MINISTER… Tan Chuan Jin used to do a much better job than him.


    in fact the situation is damm bad now.

    software developers easily come to singapore on tourist visit passes and they work for the SMEs here without paying CPF and without paying taxes !

    And yet our government claim we have 30,000 shortage for IT workers. The MOM minister is not regulating the industry and this is creating an uneven playing field.

    All these workers on EPs moonlight after their working hours and are recruited not really because there is a shortage but just to create redundancy.

    Companies that follow Singapore MOM laws LOOSE MONEY and companies that break MOM laws EARN MONEY.



    Employers that follow MOM laws are just suckers.

    MOM never control illegal labour intake and illegal work activities !!!

    All these EPs are causing damage to alot of young software firms and preventing proper growth from taking place.

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