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Saturday January 13th 2018

Expat enquiring on delay of approval for Employment Pass

Hi Guys,

This is re my application for EPass that has been pending for almost two months.

First, the application was made on July 01, 2016. Tried the SAT Application and it showed that I am eligible for both Epass and Spass.

Secondly, on July 10, 2016 they requested set of documents from the company:

1. My Employment Contract with them.

2. My Previous Payslip, Bank Statement (under previous employer in Singapore also in EPass)

3. Job Description

4. Dataflow Verification of University Degree ***

5. Resume of Locals who applied for the same position but did not pass criteria.

6. Comparison Letter why those locals did not qualify for the job.

7. University Degree Certificate

8. Justification Letter of Why Do You need this Foreigner (Skills that Cannot be Found Locally)

9. Company Financial Statements

All of the letters and documents were provided and available by July 12 except for Dataflow Verification (since it needs 2-3 weeks to accomplish process and provide certificate). So, all documents should be sent all together.

By August 02, 2016 around 5:00 in the afternoon, all of the documents including Dataflow Certificate were sent to MOM.

August 17- HR was able to talk to the officer who handles my application. He said that “He needs time to go through” (OFFICER).

August 18 (Today) – Application is still Pending.

Can you give me any idea for my situation if its likely to be approved? I need enlightenment. Please help.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Eng Fong says:


    You should forget to come to SG to work, please stay in your home country as we are going to start a rally and overthrow the govt.

    Now EP and WP approval has been lengthened to 6 months because you FTs are snatching away jobs from singaporeans!

    shame on you

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