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Monday January 14th 2019

39-year-old mother of 2 kids laid off in the oil & gas industry and feeling depressed

Hi Gilbert,

I came across your website on when I was searching for advice or help on employment. I have been unemployed for a few months.

I was laid off by my Russian company due to the entire Trading and Operation department shifting back to European office.

A little background about me. I’m currently 39 years old, mother of 2 kids and has been working in Oil and Gas industry for more than 13 years. My role was Commercial Operation assisting Trader on cargo logistic and customer service with clients.

I have tried to lower my expectation in remuneration by 30% yet still not many companies or Recruiter call me for interview. During my unemployment period, I went to take up Real Estate course and I am now a certified agent.

However, my husband did not like me spending too much time during weekday evenings and weekend yet not able to close any sales and he has to be home early to take care the kids. He does not understand initial stage of being self employed is always difficult and need to spend more time on the new career.

As he is the sole breadwinner now, I have no choice but become less active in this property line so he can spend more time on his business.

However, I became more depressed and feeling hopeless during this inactive period. As I feel I have nothing to look forward and no income, I feel people around me are looking down on me and feel I am a burden to my husband and family.

Though I still continue to look for jobs in my previous industry but the Oil Market has been declining since last year so the prospect of getting a job interview is also not promising. Recently, I came across an ad online as Relationship Consultant and went to apply for it. I was later informed it is one of the Financial Advisor company recruiting new Agents.

I discussed with my husband and thought since I have so much empty time, might as well go for the course while looking for job. But I have been questioning myself if I am suitable to be a Financial Advisor as I have no experience in sales and unsure if I will make the wrong decision choosing the wrong path.

I am really having mid life career crisis.

Though I still wish to get a job as soon possible so as to be financially independen but still having the fear of being lay off again.

I am unsure if I can do well in Financial Advisor or Property agent as I do mind doing roadshow or getting customer in the streets and unsure if I can attain the sale target.

I am now in dilemma, unsure of what to do and feeling hopeless in job searching… I do have thoughts of suicide at times because I really do not want to be a burden to the family. but I know I will miss my kids very much especially they are still so young.

Hopefully, I can get some advice from you because I am really out of idea who to turn to.

Thanks for taking time reading my story.

Best regards


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  1. Sanikhatijah Sanikhatijah says:

    Can she pm me she looking for job??

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