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Monday January 14th 2019

Jobless diploma holder disappointed with e2i job fair


Avoid going to e2i job fairs!

Been jobless since 1 month ago…

There were various industries, hotel, retail, F &B etc. I went to the retail industry instead as I have almost 5 years’ experience in the retail industry and the hotel industry sucks because they will ask you to put more working hours and also first shift begins @ 6am. Not the flexibility hours’ kind and also it pays so little.

Went to first retail company, Watson the HR person seems reluctant to hire me – he told me that if I land the job, the basic pay will be $1200 including OT, works 44 hrs as per normal.

I hesitated to take it because it is so little and beside I am a diploma holder.

I noticed that the second company is having a “Sales Promoter” position so I decided to go. Here’s how the process, I was interviewed by 2 people. First the HR person and the other one, the sales manager.

The HR person was so annoying, kept asking me about my previous job scope, the salary, the commission, the bonus, the leave, the medical leave MC how many, how much the part-time is paid hourly etc.

Once she is done, she passed me to the sales manager and from there I have never felt so humiliated ever while going for a job interview

She asked me why I left my last job and I told her due to company’s high expectations and also lack of staff support. When it comes to customer complain, they rather sided with the customer than their own staff.

I mean who can work in that horrible environment and with the annoying foreign managers demanding strict protocol, I rather quit than to work with them.

Her respond, “Ya ya oh” like not interested at all. She said that I have to sell their products, hit their daily sales targets, die-die must hit no matter what even if there’s no people want to buy or not, pester customers to buy.

Their products are all branded stuffs, selling at various department outlets, eg OG, Isetan, Takashimaya, Metro, etc.

Then she told me that I will never get paid $1700 as what I have stated on the application form. It will be much lower which I’m so furious because like I said, I am a diploma holder and that expected salary is negotiable knowing I could get more and since the job market is bad right now at least the amount I’m asking is okay.

So now the thing is, the company is not going to pay me $1700, paying less and expect me to follow what they say. Some more she can comment, “Your last job pays so well, so sad leh you left” I informed her immediately, ” Now I got diploma leh, should be I getting more?!”

She just kept quiet! I just inform her,that I will think first and immediately left that stupid job fair. She said if I’m shortlisted they will call me back to go for Another Job Interview, still haven’t get the job. Just waste of time…

Think twice before attend any job fairs in Singapore as in the end, those people are just wasting their time interviewing Singaporeans and in the end, humiliating those jobless Singaporeans.

They can only offer less than $1400 – like that how to survive?

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted here.

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12 Responses to “Jobless diploma holder disappointed with e2i job fair”

  1. YCS says:

    So is this author trying to convince the government to allow more FT?

  2. J Y says:

    You can give feedback to e2i and MOM using email. $1400 is low, but a full-time NTUC cashier earns only $800+/mth, 6 days a week 8h per day. A part-time cashier earns $400+/mth, 4 or 5 days a week for 4 or 5 h per day. Many of them are Chinese nationals who are students or retirees or housewives. It is very sad to know that after deducting for personal expenses like food, transport, lodging, medical bills etc., they don’t have much left to save.

  3. GTL says:

    Young gun, you are cool! Job interview in Singapore mostly subject you to discrimination or humiliation. It takes courage and cool mind to deal with unprofessional HR and wicked bosses.

    These days I no longer fill up fully those company’s longwinded, detailed job application forms. I just fill things good enough for that job position. I left expected salary box empty. I fill my address half way keeping out unit no. I don’t enter my religion, I don’t even want to let them know I am single or married, with kids or not….

    If everyone does what I do, your potential employer will have no choice but to do an interview with you to know you better. Anyway you don’t get an interview after you had provided all sorts of detailed information. .. what differences does it make to just fill what was plain necessary. …

  4. Lemonade says:

    Wow as if anyone owes this person a living?

  5. Stephen says:

    If i were the hiring manager, i’ll make sure not to hire such candidates.

    - No positive attitude
    - Feeling entitled despite unproven capabilities
    - No humility

    Even if such a candidate would end up to possess a super human sales skill, it still means nothing to me. Imagine the disease that he or she would be spreading towards my other staffs. Entire company would be polluted and self destruct.

  6. James says:

    You are the reason for the spike in foreign talents.

  7. Thistoo Shallpass says:

    You kept saying that you are a diploma holder. What kind of diploma do you hold? What did you learn from that diploma that is relevant or useful to the sale job you are seeking? If you cannot articulate that then your diploma is basically worthless to the employer and you should not expect to be paid more just because you have an extra sheet of paper.

  8. Mary says:

    Totally agree with the writer. years ago I had attend e2i job fair too it a total waste of time most of them simply just tell you to leave your resume with them.Or upload your resume at the computer provided and go home wait for news of course there is no news . And I guess the writer is a young singaporean there is nothing wrong for his/her thinking unlike the ft who can just live on plain rice with curry we had more expenses to cover. But sadly in sg retail would never get this range since you had diploma go for admin job is better

  9. Robin says:

    I guess the choice for employing the older Singaporeans with age above 55 is very slim, although he/she has vast experiences in his/her field.

    1. foreigners might not be experience but can do the job are still cheaper and younger
    2. you think those interviewer who are working in S’pore will give priority to Sporeans when come to selection of local and oversea???

    think about it if we do not have a proper framework to protect the local employment. Sporean will be left behind.

    an example:
    did we notice that the DIY man with the foreign registered van/car(cheap in everything) filled with equipment are taking the subcontract job from Sporean? Currently we notice more and more foreign registered bike across the causeway are doing the delivery job.

    Is the headache


    Its not because good employers do not want to hire singaporeans …

    its because the current MOM enforcement measures are so bad that employers that break hiring laws do not get disciplined and arrested. there is NO FAIR PLAY

    the whistleblowing hotline which used to be really effective during TCJ’s time is now really a white elephant. LSS’s team totally cannot catch illegal workers on tourist visas at all !!!

    companies that pay cpf and taxes will only loose out long term. thanks to the useless and incompetent MOM

  11. Sithlord says:

    Just a month isnt to justify for whining. Personally even disguised as O level since always viewed me as ‘overqualified ‘ and ‘Overexperienced’ if my own trade

  12. Ada says:

    AGREE ..The job fair may benefits frontdesk and service crew. Waste my trip and time.

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