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Monday January 14th 2019

PMET didn’t clear probation and joined the unemployment rank again

Hi Gilbert,

Good afternoon.

My name is Ben (name changed), as per my situation explained below, I am currently unemployed.

I have been an Academic Support Officer at a local company that is part of a global organisation which is one of the prominent players in the education industry. This local company is running a private university, the local campus of a reputable foreign research-focused university that is based overseas.

During my 6 months there since January 2016, I have my 3-month probation extended for another 2 months, with the answer only informed 2 weeks after the original probation was supposed to be completed.

This 2-month extension did not yield a confirmed answer yet again when the probation was supposed to end. Just recently, while in the midst of clearing my daily pile of work, I was suddenly asked by my Director to urgently go alone to the Board Room for an emergency meeting at 4pm, 2 hours before the end of the work day.

During this meeting, I was informed of the decision that the management was not going to confirm me as a permanent staff.

I was asked to sign a resignation letter that was specially prepared to facilitate my sudden departure, as well as to pack up all my belongings before I leave the premises that day.

I then spent the final 2 hours clearing my belongings and doing handover, and exit the campus for the 2nd last time (with today being the last time as I have some company medical cards to return which was not with me at that point in time).

While taking my long-deserved rest after 6 months of lifeless routine, I was surfing Facebook and came across an article from your website, titled “Unemployed computer science graduate shocked that job placed at government jobs bank went to a foreigner who is 30% cheaper“.

I felt that this article is a true representation of the current situation of finding a job in Singapore for the past 1 year. In this past 1 year, I have been jobless in phases of 3 months each for more than 2 times, with the phases in between 2 of my previous jobs – this latest job where I was suddenly asked to leave and the one preceding this.

A few clicks later on other related articles, after another article, “Retrenched NUS graduate advice to Singaporeans: “Leave Singapore” (which I totally agree as well as being my current sentiment), I came across a link detailing about your Online Book: “How To Survive Unemployment”.

I am interested in obtaining a copy of the online book, although I did checks on the National Library website and there are available copies (but the books are only available for 2 weeks, but I am a slow reader and I am afraid 2 weeks might not be enough).

It would be great if you could share with me your online book, so I can read as well as learn about your experiences, and to be prepared to survive these next few months possibly as one of the tens of thousands of unemployed locals vying for jobs in Singapore.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,


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2 Responses to “PMET didn’t clear probation and joined the unemployment rank again”

  1. J Y says:

    Did they give you a reason as to why they extend your probation? Did you realise something is wrong when they extend it? Usually, they won’t give you any reason but may be hiring someone else to replace you.

    I experienced that at least twice while working as a temp. They just told me that as a temp, they needed to give me only one day notice to leave. I realised later that this is also stated in the law that no reason need to be given. The thing that puzzled me was that they replaced a temp with another temp, and what is the point of going through all this trouble of recruiting again. Why didn’t they find a perm?

    People told me maybe I lacked working experience, but I can learn on the job. As a new staff, it is common to make small mistakes and it is the end for us. We can’t have a 2nd chance. Mistakes happen because we are unfamiliar with the job. It takes time to learn, but people told me they couldn’t afford the time to train you. Things moved very fast in a highly stressed environment now. They said learning should be done in school. And the same thing happens to the next temp and the next temp.

  2. Aru Akise says:

    I am not very sure whether the company took advantages of the temp employees through keeping hiring and and keeping changing temp employees for saving labor costs.

    If it is true, then the evidence is required to support the my conjecture e.g. HR hiring records of temp employees, CPF employer contribution records, etc. Count how many times the temp employees were hired and changed within the time frame e.g. within 2 years. If the evidence is true, then company should be blacklisted.

    I wonder why your company wanted to extend your probation length. I suspect that your company wanted to take advantage of the contract to cut down labor costs for cheaper. I feel it is wrong for your company to extend your probation length after you already complete your initial probation length. It would be unfair for you to be asked to leave your company too suddenly after the extended probation length. Just my thoughts.

    Never give up! Do your best to secure the stable job.

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