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Saturday January 13th 2018

Returning Singaporean jobless and his advice to us: LEAVE Singapore

  I am also one of those who have been working out of Singapore for the past 7 plus years. Frankly after being away for so long, I do not think I will ever be able to work in Singapore anymore.But to address Mr Low’s predicament, I am sure he has his reasons to return home and his venture to HK to work was not a bad move since his salary was really attractive. Who will not be tempted?

But deciding to return before he secured a job is probably a risk he believed he could take. Assuming he has substantial experience and perhaps maybe even contacts to find something in the banking finance industry.

However this industry (which I initially was from many eons ago) has now been largely dominated by foreigners, mainly Indians and historically westerners. So it is really a big risk for Mr Low.

I left Singapore because in 2008, the situation was also dire then in my own country. So I happily left and tried to put my life back together again.

But I did not enjoy the high salary of Mr Low but it was not too bad and I have a lot of good (and bad) experiences, however it taught me many lessons. Working overseas is hard but it is better than being stuck in Singapore.

Recently due to my company’s restructuring I have to be displaced. So I have been trying to get a job since Dec 2015. The feeling of being alone and running out of money while trying very hard to get a job. Yes, I did apply to opportunities in Singapore.

Guess what? So far all my numerous applications for jobs in Singapore has yielded zero replies.

The few replies or opportunities I got were all for overseas postings. Which seriously is fine for me.

Ideally it will be great to continue where I am now because moving is not easy as I have been through it enough times and I do feel that this is my home already, even has intention and still does to get a permanent residence visa.

So far, the only offer I have which was a day ago was a job for a pay of 30% of what I used to make. It is barely enough to cover all my bills and credit lines debt, much more my general living expenses.

I have really been living very frugally, counting every penny to make sure I only buy what I need and nothing more.

I am tempted to and probably have to accept this offer first and then wait for a better opportunity. It is better than nothing and at least there is some money every month rather than zero. My banks will not be too happy with me unfortunately.

So the term expat now does sound very ironic.

In any case, I guess in part from telling my story what I am trying to say is Singaporeans should take advantage to go overseas if they can. If they can secure good opportunities and help their careers then do so.

Staying in Singapore is a road towards a brick wall.

Singapore is no longer what it used to be and whether we like it or not, our govt will always keep the doors opened for foreigners to enter and “compete” for jobs. That is what being First World is and being an open country.

Put your heart into constructive efforts instead of wasting your time and energy on blaming the government or foreigners.

If you can get a job outside of Singapore, best if you are still young but never too late if you are an older PMET, LEAVE if you can.

For many younger Singaporeans, I am sad to say their future is bleak.

They may not know it yet but while now, many foreigners are filling the jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do but in time, perhaps in 10 years or so, Singaporeans will be the ones filling up most of the “unwanted” jobs.

Singaporeans are not competitive enough and their main threat? The Chinese Nationals.

The crop of PRCs coming up will be bilingual or even multilingual, with Western education and fantastic degrees. They will be a force to be reckon with and Singaporeans will lose out.

Thank you very much.

Blue Sky

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted here.

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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Returning Singaporean jobless and his advice to us: LEAVE Singapore”

  1. YCS says:

    The title is negative but the contents is positive.

    Agree with the author though. Locals should work outside to experience being FT. Only then can they develop an FT mindset.

  2. BlueSky says:

    Hello YCS,

    I posted this as a comment to Mr Low’s article.
    The title was not created by me and I was surprised it got made into a main article.

    However the point is very simple.
    Do not waste your energy blaming the govt or foreigners, because it is a different world now.

    The world is much more exciting out there as well as much more challenging (positively and negatively).

    Thanks and Regards.

  3. cereszal says:

    I’ve been trying to find a job abroad with my husband as well but no luck so far. How did you managed to do it? Any advice?

  4. Alex Wang says:

    Yes. Totally agreed with this writer. Instead of complaining foreigners taking our jobs, we should go and work overseas and take over foreigners jobs.

  5. SAF says:

    In my current and previous jobs, my 100-people departments were 90% FOREIGNER Indians! And most of them are really stupid and retarded. With crappy THIRD WORLD education and no skills!

    And now Tharman is saying in India that only 30% of the Singapore workforce is foreigners! What bullshit!!! Total nonsense!!! Singaporeans know that the real number is much higher than this. Close to 80-90%!!! PAP has really screwed Singaporeans and are now lying about it!!!

  6. Tashi says:

    My Dear fellow Readers,

    Please kindly allow me to add some positive feedback on this article,

    1. There is really nothing we can do about it.
    2. Yes!(I am NOT on any sides at all)just being objective, its really pointless to now say FT or GOV this and that…throw all this far away and take care of yourself first…If you can I urge all to find work outside Singapore and live a happy life, find something to break the ice first and then go on to better things once you have settled in there and meet more people, mine you for all SGP who are working overseas are NICE people, I learn this….so make more local friends they can help or assist better.
    3. SAVE
    Save whatever you can while working overseas, try not to live like a LORD but occasionally ok!
    4. Don’t Forget
    Once you are in a foreign country you are on your own.

    I have been working overseas for over fifteen year, I know the feeling and know a little bit more then you.

    Thank you Fellow Readers

  7. Tashi says:

    Typo error:—-

    ” mine you NOT all SGP’s working overseas are “NICE” people..

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