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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Jobless banker who earn more than $250,000/annum frustrated with government agencies

Hi Gilbert

I had not been accessing this email for a while Рcreated this email only for communications for you because I wanted a veil.

Logged in today because I read your interview, a couple of days ago, with a returning HK banker. I pondered hard if I should re-initiate communications with you. I wanted to salute you for your perseverance.

I am still looking for a job. Unfortunately. But I had stopped approaching the various government agencies.

I stopped providing them feedback on my situation hoping changes will be made.

After each interaction with them, I feel demoralised. They are not helping and not listening.

I do not intend to hide behind my veil any longer because I think I did my best in my job search thus far, did no wrong and did face discrimination. I am not Apple Jia as you must have guessed. I am June (name changed).

My undergrad is not from a Ivy league school in Europe but from NTU/NUS. My MBA is from a top 5 business school in Europe. The discrimination I face is not just Singaporeans vs non-Singaporeans but also elite vs non-elite.

I am not giving up but still keeping my chin up and looking for job.

Wanted to drop you this email saluting your perseverance and maintaining your website. Early this year, I gave up hoping employment laws will change in my favour.

But I have bills to pay and dreams to create will have to keep looking for a job.



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4 Responses to “Jobless banker who earn more than $250,000/annum frustrated with government agencies”

  1. Usha says:

    You should not hide behind a pseudo.
    Cone out in the open and tell everybody how qualified you are and yet cannot find employment.only then will people understand what qualified singaporeans are being marginalised in their own country.No point complaining by using a nickname.

  2. Sauron says:

    It would help if June can provide more context of her exact work experience as a “banker” and the composition of her so called 250k p.a. pay.

    Also more information on her banking experience and what sort of job she applied for with what expected salary will be helpful for others to understand and advise. Who cares about where she got her degree from especially for mid careers and senior management level (if that’s really where her level is)?

    What’s the point of simply writing an email no head no tail and just bitch about unnamed government agencies?

  3. Thistoo Shallpass says:

    June (name changed),

    If you actually made what you claimed, you should be at a fairly senior level as a banker. At that level, job opportunities should come mainly through the network that you have built up over the years, and not through any government agencies.

    From the way you expressed in your letter, there is a good chance that you were overpaid. When an employer rejects you because you are not worth the money you are asking, it is not discrimination, it is just smart business practice. The employment law is never going to be changed to force an employer to overpay for a Singaporean.

    By the way, there is no Ivy League school in Europe. There are eight Ivy League universities and they are all in Northeast US.

  4. Aru Akise says:

    PAP created policies that attract more foreigners to come to Singapore. Companies, especially MNCs and SMEs are addicted to cheap foreign labour.

    Government agencies have too many cases similar to your case. How can they treat these cases the way they listen to you seriously?

    Those who voted for PAP in 2016 must be whitewashed voters. PAP supported 6.9 million population and does not want to support social security welfare systems for the locals.

    Foreigners can work as the same as the locals, but they earn less than the locals because they can exchange money for more currencies back to their hometown. What about the locals?

    You were lucky to earn more than $250,000 per year in the past. Majority of the locals in Singapore could not earn as much as you could. If you could be saver instead of spendthrift, you could survive the unemployment better while seeking the jobs. Perhaps lower your expectations to get better chances of getting jobs.

    In Singapore, university certificate is useless paper thanks to PAP.

    PAP should be kicked out for liberal foreign hiring policies. Companies should be blamed if they hire more foreigners than locals or pay low depressed salaries to locals.

    Higher expectations lead to greater disappointment only in Singapore thanks to PAP policies (unless you are a white horse).

    Remember to kick PAP out in 2020!

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