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Thursday January 24th 2019

Useless MOM whistle-blowing on Vietnamese IT project manager using tourist visa

Hi Gilbert

I actually did a whistle blow on the tourist visit pass of a IT project manager from Vietnam not long ago.

I submitted all the evidence to MOM even with the facebook photo as proof, wrote countless email telling them to catch the illegal employment arrangement from a company called Soinmedia in Vietnam.

MOM caught the illegal in the office and DID NOTHING AND JUST LET HIM GO so I asked ICA to arrest this guy and they told me that they CANNOT FIND HIM.

The MOM officer even said they DO NOT HAVE THE MANPOWER TO ARREST despite repeated information fed to them.

This person was flown into Singapore by a local SME and perform outsourcing work to Vietnam programmers over there.

MOM let the guilty boss off even with evidence submitted!

One IT project manager can replace 8 job openings in Singapore with the outsourcing done onsite.



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4 Responses to “Useless MOM whistle-blowing on Vietnamese IT project manager using tourist visa”

  1. George says:

    Hahahaaa this is the kind of meritocratic elite we have running this country

  2. Stephen says:

    look kind of similar to some of the HR hiring process

  3. Angrysingaporean says:

    Useless. You should go to immigration ministry or police station to lodge a complaint. All these so called government official are tied with red tape. They do not know how to form special team.

  4. Fed up too says:

    This current batch of civil servants and government officials just want to take it easy. They want the high pay but not do the work for the people. They don’t think they need to uphold justice and other values that built this country.

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