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Wednesday January 16th 2019

42-year-old jobless PMET concerned about 1 1/2-hour commuting time to work with ex-company

Hi Gilbert, thanks alot for your prompt response.

Yes, I can sense the tight job market.

Having searched for the past 3 months, I could see the reality that it’s quite impossible to find a job (idea pay and scope) within 45 mins – 1 hour commuting time.

Even if  I’m willing to take lower position and pay, most of the hiring manager has the mindset of “U are over qualified” and may not be motivated to stay long.

I’m financially 0k, however I believe it would be mental stressing to keep searching or wait for any ideal job, i.e. stay jobless.

Having considered these reasons, I have decided to accept the offer from my ex-company:

1) Looks like it’s very difficult to find similar jobs (pay & skills) in nearer location.

2) I may be more stressed to continue searching further and regret if I reject this opportunity, becoming more depress.

3) To adjust my lifestyle and cope with the ~1 hour 15 mins – 1 hour 30 mins of travelling time one-way.

4) To cope with the potential problems/mess in the job execution. However, this is unavoidable, same everywhere.

Regarding my ex-company offer, long commuting time (~1.5hrs) is the main concern, advantages are past good relationships and knowledge of their people, culture and problems.

I was initially very motivated to overcome the distance problem, thoughts of changes to adapt (lifestyle, etc). Telling myself that I survived nearly 2 years on the previous employment.

However, the more I think, the more I worried, sorry to say that I tends to think too much. People whom I consulted, mostly advised me to try instead of thinking too much.

I blamed myself for being indecisive and becoming more depressed. Hope I can speak to you asap after this long weekend holiday, could we do telephone discussion/counselling??

Any advice via your email response will be deeply appreciated as well.



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6 Responses to “42-year-old jobless PMET concerned about 1 1/2-hour commuting time to work with ex-company”

  1. Yolo says:

    Look for car pooling services tt will help cut short your travelling time

  2. scada tan says:

    get a class 2b license and a 125cc bike. that will save u heaps of time. while i stayed in toa payoh, my workplace as at changi cargo base and my part time start was at peace centre. i worked 5.5 days a week and my faithful motorcycle saw me through that trying 5 years period.

  3. GTL says:

    Many times I thought about this: Singapore is just so a tiny place and yet we take so much time (in relative to distance per hour) to travel from one end to another just to work or attend school. What is wrong with us? Had our public transport system failed?

  4. Patrick says:

    My Travelling is 2hr

  5. Passenger says:

    Too many bus-stops, too many traffic lights, too many U turns, too many people loading onto bus resulted in long queue, long hour taken to travel from one place to another. If it rains or SMRT breaks down, you can only pray that your employer won’t scold you for being late for work.

  6. james says:

    Would you prefer to be jobless or daily journey to office?

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