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Monday January 15th 2018

Ex-JC physics teacher jobless and survive by giving tuition

Hi Gilbert,

I am an experienced Physics JC teacher who has just quitted from service without a job

Would appreciate it if you could help me secure full time or part time jobs.

I’ve applied to International and independent schools. without success while forming my own individual classes at the tuition centres is difficult.

I’m currently surviving on home tuition both individual and group and need to work weekend and weekday nights including public holidays. On other days I am helping to edit guidebooks and improving my notes and other lesson prep.

It’s tiring and I don’t have a life left.

Some tuition centres are offering a full time job where I get paid a few thousands a month with CPF but need to teach 16 hours a week on both weekends and some weekday nights.

Some friends think that I should set up my own agency eventually though I have no business experience.

Would appreciate if you could share the stories of other ex teachers who have gone this way and bounced back.

Thank you for your concern.



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7 Responses to “Ex-JC physics teacher jobless and survive by giving tuition”

  1. Tim says:

    Check out the super tutors websites

  2. YCS says:

    Ex teachers make lots of money giving tuitions. I wish I am one of them.

  3. Pete says:

    I came across this website – helps tutor set up their business. You can try.!services/c5ro

    Good luck! Chins up!

  4. xyz says:

    1st of all, the past tense of quit is… quit. There is no such word as “quitted”. 2ndly if you expect private education sector to pay as well as MOE & provide same level of benefits and perks, good luck to u.

    I’m guessing you resigned straight away after completing your MOE/NIE bond & you’re a physics or math grad.

    Anyway getting a few K salary for just 16hr work week is already very good. What’s there to complain so much for? So what if you have to work on Sat & Sun & a couple of weekday nights?? You’re free on weekdays to do your own stuff, and things/events are usually cheaper on weekdays anyway.

  5. David Ong says:

    Many countries in South East Asia needs teachers, and a good physic teacher is rare and precious. Better still, gather a few ex-teachers who wants to be a teacher and set up a private school. For Singapore two hundred thousand dollars, for example, you can set up a jv fifty fifty ownership complete with land to build a private school for preparatory and primary school with ten classrooms, to start enrollment. School can be build and in operation in less than one year. Reasonable standard and cost of living per month about one thousand five hundred dollars without debts. Investors can be all be teachers and become self made teachers at your own school. This can be done in class A municipality town in the Philippines. Lead a fulfilling life of your own choice.

  6. Richard says:

    Developing countries need teachers like you … I got friends teaching in some laid back ASEAN countries and earning $6k/mth …

    Why stay home and be a whiner where you can venture out and be a winner … at least die trying with dignity rather than live like a rat with no money and respect …

  7. Jie Ming says:


    I think we shouldn’t be giving advises to this James. He cannot get a full time teaching job yet complained about having to work weekends or public holidays for 16 hours a week. He complained there are no more life if he got to work on weekends? Then what he wanted? People complained for been jobless and any kind of full timer jobs for them, they will go for it. Free on weekends and public holidays important or not having a full time job? Does the writer knows employment situation has changed in Singapore? Complaining or trying to hunt for the most suitable full time jobs have gone. Its pointless to ask the writer to open his own tutor agency. The writing from the writer could clearly point to us he just cannot open his own tutor agency because when one is starting his own business, there are plenty of overtime, including weekends or public holidays as now more responsibility is required especially the first three years of business. He needs a full time job with normal working hours, no need to work on weekends and public holidays, expected to be paid well. Where to find?

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