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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Ramadan charity – homeless by end June if arrear payment is not made soon

Hi Mr Gilbert,

I’m sorry to disturb you. I’m a single mom of 6 kids staying in a 1-room rental flat and currently unemployed due to my youngest 4-year-old daughter not in school yet.

My outstanding rental now is $950 and my outstanding SP bill is $600+ and currently I’m on PAYU.

Can I ask for your help in terms of foods and groceries for my kids Mr Gilbert?

My second 16-year-old daughter is currently staying in a Children’s Home.

My third 15-year-old daughter is currently in Girls’ Home for 3 years old.

Every weekend we get to visit my 16-year-old girl and once a month we get to visit my 15-year-old girl. We miss them a lot especially during Ramadan.

Whenever we visit the 16-year-old  I will bring some home cook food and toiletries along so we can eat together at the home. She sometimes gets home leave.

My 4-year-old daughter also has asthma and need daily asthma medication but its been a long time since I brought her for the medical appointment due to lack of cash.

Right now, we have a more urgent problem as HDB will repossess our rental flat by the end of June if we can’t pay a minimum of 2 months’ rent amounting to $518.

I have already paid $200 today (receipt is forwarded to us)  and need to pay another $318 by the end of the month so that we have a place to stay. The total arrears is $950.

Any help is appreciated.


Editor’s note: If you can help Maudy and her family keep the rental flat, please let us know or else they will be homeless by the month end.

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6 Responses to “Ramadan charity – homeless by end June if arrear payment is not made soon”

  1. rex says:

    hi! any way I can reach out to this family? I would like to help.

  2. Patrick says:

    hi Gilbert, i can offer help in food & cash, please give their details or can i go approach them at their place? i stay at that area as well.

  3. Training says:

    On top of help, she need to have knowledge of financial planning. Should not have the thinking that god will provide

  4. YCS says:

    Having 6 children is poor financial intelligence

  5. xyz says:

    Go see MP. If this family has already exhausted all offered help by govt & NGO welfare organisations, then seriously the problem is with the family.

    2nd & 3rd children in remand centres (childrens’ home & girls’ home ARE remand centres). What about the eldest child?? Is he/she working to help the family financial situation?? I doubt if the eldest child is still in school. Even if he/she is, working part-time can still earn $500/mth. I have friends whose children are in Poly or Uni and they work part-time contributing $500/mth to their family expenses.

    As for mother cannot work becoz 4-yr old kid not in school, this is just a lazy excuse. Even if the 4-yr old kid in school, the mother will also say cannot work becoz need to look after the kid after school or before school etc etc.

    I have friends & colleagues with 4mth old babies and they put their babies in day-care centres while they work 9hrs a day. They pay govt subsidised childcare fees. And they don’t complain they don’t have help or parents to look after the grandchildren. The amazing thing (for Sinkies) is that most of them don’t even have maids at home to help with looking after their babies or housework/cooking etc.

    People need to take responsibility for their circumstances. Most often their hardships is due to their own actions or lack of actions. E.g. having 6 kids but not able to raise them properly & need to have at least 2 in remand. Or not willing to work even part-time although cash is in short supply. When I was jobless for 2 years, I survived on whatever temp jobs I could get and got by on less than $300/mth (this included public transport, cheap handphone, cheap internet, food, electric bills, etc).

  6. YCS says:

    I wonder if it is safe for the children at the childcare centre.

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