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Sunday January 14th 2018

Why its not worth working in Giordano Originals Singapore

85% of employees are foreigners!

Contract says, 44-hours work per week, 1 and  1/2 day off but they made us work more than 44 hourrs per week, sometimes they only give you 1 day off because  there is not enough manpower.

The first 2 months I worked, when doing closing, each time the area manager came, will definitely go back late – around 12 am and sometimes 1 am.

Just because she has to do the Visual Merchandising on the shop floor.

I mean, can’t she come and do it while the shop is opened? Why must she do after shop closes?

They also will plan your schedule anyhow without asking you first. They make you work more OT and you can’t even claim them immediately probably only after a few weeks or months later – only if there’s enough manpower.

Even if they put you on half day morning, you still need to stay back and each time I stayed back it’s always 2 hours ++.

They don’t care if you’re tired or exhausted. Sometimes I have to work 2 full shifts (10 hours) back to back.

Your off day also can’t be postponed or rescheduled if there’s not enough staff eg, last festive season during Christmas + new year, I worked 10 days back to back!

Can you imagine how frustrated and exhausted I am?

Their HR management also doesn’t care. They only care about meeting sales targets only!

They don’t appreciate their retail staff. If customers complain (even if they’re right or wrong) staff is at fault.

Even their area manager also don’t communicate with the staff except the managers only.

If they are not happy they also can terminate any staff as they like especially when customers complain about the staff, that staff can say bye bye to the job!

So better don’t work there. Not worth it.

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from our Blacklisted Companies column.

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  1. Ban Giordano says:

    Isn’t this company logo is world without strangers…who would want to work in this kind of strangers company treating own staffs like strangers & customers like without strangers ( cos Customers r kings & queens to them…better don’t join & u can be their customers so that u r no strangers to them…

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