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Wednesday June 20th 2018

Is Police Licensing & Regulatory Department’s regulation healthy for the security industry?

If what you said is true, PLRD (Police Licensing and Regulatory Department) knows about this problem due to lots of feedback from the people, they should come out with their reasons why the rules is such.

They should be transparent and honest enough about this matter if they are really taking security matter seriously.

Like I mentioned before, with this ruling, people are unable to work because of the notifications. This will lead to shortage of manpower, which goes against the government’s wish to attract more people into the security industry.

The company that won the tender will have problem finding people to work and in turn, they will have to pay a hefty fine to PLRD. So is that the reason why they want to stick to this rule – to fatten their paycheck or for their own hidden agenda?

As for your point of hiring more people from the security agencies, that is like taking 2 steps back.

Cisco/Aetos use to  handle most of the events before but right now there are many agencies that are doing events as well, which is a good sign in my opinion. If you hire people from the securities agencies, they will know all the loopholes for the tender and can pass on this information to their company or their cronies.

This will led to monopolization of the security industry market and will lead to stagnation of the pay. Unless you are a business owner, which works well for you as you are pulling in a big profit from the project,the rest of the security officer will surely feel dishearten to work conscientiously as the effort and time they put in do not match with the pay that they are getting.

Thus, the effort that the government put in to increase the wages through the PWM model will surely backfire due to monopolization.

Im sure the PLRD employs smart people to work for them as they had been keeping mum about this problem even though they know the problem is there.

Surely they can put their minds together to achieve a win-win situation for all, not only for themselves or their business partners/investors. By saying that PLRD knows about this problem and nobody can do anything about it,is like saying we are living in a communist country where the people have no say to the people who vote them in to do the job in the first place.

Let’s be fair to the common people who holds the pink i.c here to earn a proper living, getting paid their deserve salary for their effort and time that they put into their job. That is why now it’s seldom to hear security jaga or security guard but security officer. No point upgrading the title but pay still low/same.

If upgrading of skills and obtaining a proper license requires you to be restricted to work for 2 companies, is it fair to say to a competent person who holds a proper paperwork (degrees, PhD) that he can only hold 2 posts at a time?

That is to say that he/she can only be a board of director, C level management or minister but only 2 company at a time. Sounds ridiculous right?

I’m sorry that I do not have a solution to solve all this problem.

Surely it’s time to get the highly paid people to do a brainstorming session that will produce a satisfactory solutions and a happy ending for many more years to come. Especially with the rising level of threats in Asia now.

Not just sit around and collect heavy paycheck at the end of the month and finding fault with the people who is trying to make a living in Singapore, to be a better place for them and their families.


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One Response to “Is Police Licensing & Regulatory Department’s regulation healthy for the security industry?”

  1. Dhahfier says:

    I wonder what is PLRD doing. Recently, I went to PLRD with all my certificates to update my emplacement. During the interview I was asked to submit four certificates online. Their reason is because the system is down but yet they can check my status in the computer. He said to submit only the four certificates. I went home and upload all the four certificates as they requested on 14.7.2017 and subsequently email to them and I received an acknowledgement that they received my certificates and will process accordingly. Two weeks has passed, no action was taken. when i check the system, it is still under pending. I email to the officer concerned again and no reply. Today, 4th May 2017, I called PLRD and the line was busy, i left message and they called me back. According to the lady, she did not received my certificates I submitted but the system where i Upload my certificates is still pending until now. I asked her if I could speak to the officer I met recently at PLRD and her respond is.she could not see him because the door was closed. Later she asked for my hdph number and said she will forward to the officer in charge and will call me back tomorrow. I wonder what is PLRD doing. They did not follow up nor even take the initiative or efforts to call us back. According to the PLRD system, once the certificates is uploaded, its takes ten days for the system to update the emplacement. Now is more than 10 days and nothing been done.

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