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Thursday January 24th 2019

Why Singaporeans resent Malaysians living here but won’t say it

When Singaporeans complain about foreigners, they are particularly referring to people from their neighbouring country “Malaysia”.

Most Singaporeans are afraid to discriminate and complain against Malaysians because Singapore is small and solely depending on Malaysia for many things and their survival.

Singapore and Malaysia are just across the border and people from Malaysia can come into to Singapore  anytime to get jobs easily because they can speak Chinese, English and Malay which are the 3 main national languages in Singapore. Especially, when the people from nearby Malaysia border area can just spend 5 to 10 minutes on the bus to get into Singapore.

Addition to that people from Malaysia can acquire permanent residency and citizenship easily. After they receive the residency or citizenship status, they can get access to education, housing, healthcare and etc from the other side of the fence.

One of the good examples will be – after being granted resident or citizenship status, they will buy  HDB  house to rent it out.

Then, they will travel back and forth to go to work in Singapore daily because housing and living cost at Malaysia  is a lot cheaper than Singapore due to the strong Singapore currency.

Singaporeans are so angry about their neighbour country exploiting them but  they can’t reject them directly.

If you go and ask them, they will say it is not true for sure because they don’t want to sour the relationship with their neighbour  for survival sake.

They will always say, “we are brothers and good neighbours”.

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted and it reflected the true sentiment of many Singaporeans here due to the historical and cultural similarities between the two neigbhouring countries. It is estimated that more than 300,000 Malaysians are working and residing here with as many as 150,000 living as permanent residents. Many remain as permanent residents after more than 20 years refusing to convert to Singapore citizens.

Many thousands  commute daily between the two countries via the Johore Bahru checkpoint due mainly to our strong currency difference and professional work culture.

Many companies also prefer to hire Malaysians due to their strong work ethics and survival instinct. Many took on significant positions within the companies and become a important pillar in the work hierarchy.

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6 Responses to “Why Singaporeans resent Malaysians living here but won’t say it”

  1. J Y says:

    I have heard of a true story of how a Malaysian woman professional working here wooed a Singaporean man in his 30s. My mum said that the woman is very smart because he is a doctor who is rich with a car and house.

    The doctor is a nice guy who is caring and patient towards his patients at his clinic. The problem is that he has a round belly and is considered short and stout by many Singaporean women. I consulted him at his clinic a few months ago with a high fever. I find him cute and called him “the panda doctor”. Of course he doesn’t know about this nickname. He also looked young for his age.

    Now he is happily married to his Malaysian wife with a baby. Yes, she is very smart to win him over when many Singaporean women “rejected” him due to his physical built. She is a professional who can earn enough for herself, but she needs a family. And I think it is fate that has brought them together.

    I have just heard of this story recently after his marriage. Many people said that Singaporean women have high expectations of their future spouse. I think it is also the same for Singaporean men. Hence, there is an increasing number of singles in Singapore. I just believe in fate. It is so hard to survive in Singapore alone, how to raise a family here when the cost of living is ever so high?

  2. Jing kiat says:

    Yes. I am not supportive of any malaysian working in singapore.

    All they want is to exploit us and take advantage of people working here.

  3. Anon says:

    Well, the same can be said of the number of Singaporeans who are working in KL (or across the border in whichever state in Malaysia). There are also quite a number of Singaporean companies in KL and the Klang Valley and hell they also exploit Malaysians! And talk about Singapore arrogance. The ones working in KL earn more than the local Malaysian ( who CAN do the job), so why hire a Singaporean for the job, taken away from a Malaysian?!

  4. conned says:

    That’s funny.
    Why did they hire him at higher pay in msia?

    Sg has so many qualified people around, why they hire you?
    Heard it’s an enclave. Is it true?

  5. conned says:

    That’s funny.
    Why did they hire him at higher pay in msia?

    Sg has so many qualified people around, why they hire you?
    Heard it’s an enclave. Is it true?

    Seen with my own eyes.

  6. Chey says:

    To that poster of comment no. 3 – and what are the numbers of Singaporeans in KL compared to the overflowing number of Malaysians exploiting Singapore? So “a number only”, versus thousands upon thousands of Malaysians who can’t stay put in Malaysia

    Want to critique back then put yourself as Anon, lose credibility and your argument just Stinks now.

    Face it lah! You exploiters are just building your own bad karma

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