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Monday January 14th 2019

Malaysian saying why they won’t convert to be Singaporean citizen

I cannot speak for other nationalities but for Malaysians working in Singapore it makes more sense to retain their Malaysian citizenship….so you see many working in Singapore, some for 25 years….making as much as possible and then returning to Malaysia once they have made enough.

Singapore’s economy is so far ahead in the region that you don’t know how long all of this is sustainable,given the lack of resources, fall in oil prices and very high cost of living (housing, education, medical care, transportation etc).

Many MNCs are already moving their operations to Malaysia from Singapore as the cost of doing business is significantly cheaper there.

At the rate Singapore is going, the cost of living will continue to rise unless the government does something drastic and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

The fact that many Singaporeans feel the need to work until 70 or buy weekly provisions in JB or seek medical treatment in JB just to survive tells you all is not well. In Malaysia, people can take time off work to do their postgraduate studies for 3 years without feeling the pinch and retire before 55 and still survive, even without their children supporting them.

Singaporeans need to exercise their power via the ballot box. Even if you cannot deny PAP a simple majority, at least by denying them some seats, your opposition will have a bigger voice….more check and balance.

This is what happened in Malaysia in the last few elections.

I feel for you lot but you just have to keep the pressure up and hopefully your government will listen.

Cheers from Malaysia.

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  1. YCS says:

    Good news to some people.

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