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Wednesday January 16th 2019

ITE student feeling anxious about miscommunication with lecturer at AMK ITE centre

Dear Reach Panel,

I am a student at ITE College Central (AMK) and am very stressed regarding a situation at school which did not help even after my parents have spoken to a section head.

I was about to quit my course after previously studying hard to get into this higher engineering qualification as everyone understands the reality of the unleveled stiff workforce competition and one cannot get anywhere without a proper paper cert here.

I have already given up the arts as I reckoned there is no future for that industry based on prevailing policies.

Things went wrong from the very first instance when miscommunication with the lecturer occurred and subtle threats were insinuated which made us constantly worried about our marks.

I feel respect needs to exist on a mutual level and I really hope ITE is not “is the end” where government sentiments reflect  that we do not need to be taken seriously.

I reiterate that I only require extra help for engineering mathematics and am not out to create or be a source of problem and I hope the Panel can appreciate that and render the necessary assistance accordingly.

In addition, I hope that citizens (incl Civil Servants) will be able to do what they have passion for and not be coerced into doing something for the sake of economic development just to look good on the annual balance sheet.

Yours faithfully,


Editor’s note: This email was copied to us after it was emailed to REACH. The writer’s name has been  changed to protect the identity of the student.

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2 Responses to “ITE student feeling anxious about miscommunication with lecturer at AMK ITE centre”

  1. YCS says:

    This is also an employment problem?

  2. J Y says:

    Nobody can guarantee that the paper chase is the right path to take. Similarly, nobody can know whether pursuing his passion is the right way. With technological advances, the world is changing rapidly. Maybe our jobs may be replaced by robots or automation anytime soon and what we have learned in school was no longer relevant.

    We have to go through different stages in life whereby our priorities will change with time. Maybe as a student, I will put a lot of importance on grades. But as an employee, job skills and experience will matter more than those grades which are already irrelevant.

    Most of what we learned in school was forgotten after the exams. Maybe what we have learned was just knowledge which could also change with time with new discoveries. Just make the best decision at that point in your life. Different stages of life have different challenges. Take one step at a time.

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