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Sunday January 14th 2018

PhD holder with schizophrenia jobless for 4 months and struggling with stress

Hi Gilbert,

I am out of work again. I left my last job as I was too stressed. I only lasted eight months in that job.

So far I have been jobless for over 4 months.

I have serious doubts about my capability to handle stress. I have schizophrenia.

Although I still keep applying for jobs. I will be starting part time work end of this month – it is a simple job, I will be marking students’ work in a English language tuition centre.

Though this job pays for my basic expenses, I am still trying to look for a full time proper job. I have a PhD.

My main concern is whether I can land a suitable job and whether I can sustain the job.

I read in one of your old articles that you taught English to China students and the pay was quite good?

Do you have any contacts that you can pass to me for doing that?




Editor’s note: we will be catching up with the writer soon.

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