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Saturday January 13th 2018

Why discriminate against local tennis coaches?

Dear Mr Gilbert

I hope you can share my story.

It is very tough for Singapore tennis coaches to survive in Singapore.

There are very little tennis courts in Singapore. Many of the courts are in private condos and clubs. Other courts in public sports centre’s such as civil service club or sports council are always booked.

MOE and private coaching schools reserve their courts for their students and members.

We Singapore tennis coaches find it very hard to survive. We have to pay every year for NCAP and first aid cert.

But our community of tennis coaches find out that Sports Council employ an expat foreign coach Mr Robert to teach tennis.

And this coach did not even have a NCAP or STA coaching license. Sports Council did not even advertise in Straits Times to try to employ qualified local coaches like us who have all the Singapore coaching license and teach in Singapore for so long.

I myself have NCAP 2 teaching license by STA tennis academy and this is issued by Sports Council also! I also have international tennis federation and USPTA pro teaching certs.

I am also a Singapore Red Cross first aid instructor.

Why discriminate against Singapore coaches?

From concerned Singapore tennis coaches community.


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  1. You Die Your Business says:

    Jimmy, did you vote for PAP in the past election?

    If you did, stop complaining because you are getting exactly what you have voted for.

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