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Thursday January 18th 2018

Young couple struggling with high cost of living and requesting assistance

Hi Gilbert,

I hope this email find you well.

This is the first time I’m writing to you.

I am a 26 years old lady with 2 kids age 3 and 1.

My husband is a freelance driver. Recently, we moved in to our new flat in Punggol.

There are both infant and childcare services available under my flat.

However, most childcare facility requires deposit + full month school fees in order to enrolled them in.

Due to this, I only managed to enrol my elder daughter at the childcare. While I have to leave my full time job and take care of my younger daughter.

Since we have move in to a new flat, we do not have extra monies for installing the window grill and kitchen top. We  move in few months ago and we mainly pack food everyday.

The food in Punggol is extremely expensive.

A pack of fried rice can cost as much as $5.50. I really hope to seek your advice so I can set up my kitchen top to settle our meals. I do not wish to let my kids to eat outside food for long.

I am really worry that this will affect their health.

Beside that, I hope to have my window grill up asap due to the safety of my growing up kids.

Hope to seek for your advice soon.



Editor’s note: If you can assist the young couple, please let us know especially if you can provide low-cost window grilles to the struggling couple. Its a 4-room BTO flat.

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8 Responses to “Young couple struggling with high cost of living and requesting assistance”

  1. YCS says:

    Gilbert, you must help this poor lady to install the kitchen top or she will not be able to cook for her family.

  2. floatingzen says:


    If you install window grills for the house, it’ll cost $1-2K. There are always cheaper alternative around. For windows, please check:

    or if you are not a handyman, check this window contractor:
    - Supply and install child safety stopper $25/ per window
    Ben 93227720/

    If you kitchen is not ready, just buy a electric induction stove, a saucepan and a pot and you’ll be on your way to cook many cheap but nutritious meals. You really have no excuses to eat out anymore.

    If your income is low and you need help, just go approach your RC, CC or MP. They will point you to various financial schemes to assist you. It’s their job.

    There are always cheaper alternatives, just look around.

  3. Tommy says:

    Don’t be a busybody and mind your own business. The government not obliged to help the poor and needy.

  4. You Die Your Business says:

    Why move to a new flat when you cannot even afford basic living expenses?

    Why have 2 young children when you are clearly not able to adequately care for them?

    Why choose to move to Punggol then if the food is so expensive there that you cannot even afford it?

    Shouldn’t you know all these from Day One? You sound as if you just moved to your neighbourhood yesterday and you seem totally ignorant of everything going on with your life.

    Haven’t you made any considerations before making any of these life decisions?

    While I lambast our country for not being a welfare state, but it disgusts me when there are people like the writer who cannot take responsibility, do not plan properly in life, make dumb decisions that put themselves into precarious positions and then come crying for pennies when things go south.

  5. EF says:

    Why vote for PAP?

  6. J Y says:

    Since your husband is a driver, he can help to buy food at other places at his convenience at lower prices. Or try having sandwiches and fruits or salad which are healthier and don’t require cooking.

  7. xyz says:

    I also stay in Punggol.

    When I was jobless, I survived on $1 bread loaf and $3 no-brand peanut butter, 7 days-a-week, 365-days-a-year. Everyday is just peanut butter bread for lunch & dinner. No breakfast. 1 bread loaf can last me 5 days, and 1 peanut butter bottle can last 3 weeks.

    Luxury is no-brand instant kopi packets (average cost of 8 cents per packet). I indulge myself maybe once in 3 months by eating chye-fan $2.50 to $3 each time. And I did this for over 2 years.

    Even till today, I quite often will just have cheap peanut butter bread for dinner.

    That $5.50 fried rice is from zhi char and is also an exaggeration, as most (if not all) zhi char stalls in Punggol charge $4 to $4.50 for fried rice. In the 1st place why buy from zhi char if cost is an issue?!?!

    Fan chye stalls in Punggol will charge you $3.20 for 2 veg 1 meat. $2.80 if 1 meat 1 veg. And $2.50 if just 2 veg. Economic rice stalls also charge about $2.20 if you go for the standard nasi lemak set. You have options even if you eat out or ta-pao.

    As for no money to make kitchen top / cabinets etc. Please lah… you can use mahjong tables (tie bricks to the bottom legs so that the tables are rock-steady) and Daiso plastic boxes. Use those portable table-top gas hobs costing $100+. This was very common just 30 years ago in the previous generation, but in just 1 generation, we have lost the ability to adapt & think?!?!?!

    Window stoppers is a good idea. Electric induction stove may be cheap, but usage-wise electricity is much more expensive than gas.

  8. YCS says:

    Why bother to think when it is easier to blame PAP.

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