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Saturday January 13th 2018

Jobless 38-year-old lady PMET earned $5500 before but willing to settle for $1400 – $1800

Hi Gilbert

I’m a 38–year-old female. I’ve been asked to resign from my position last June.

I used to be a office admin manager. I read from your website of the many jobless people’s experiences and can’t help feeling even more depressed.

At least those people attended interviews but we’re not successful.

For me, can you believe that for these 10 months, I’ve only attended 1 interview.

Every day I mail out my CV to so many recruiters and companies, but I do not get s single response at all, not to mention any invitation to interviews.

Formally, when I was retrenched from jobs, I always manage to get a new job within 3 months even if it is at a lower pay or contract position. Now, I’m not even choosy I apply for all the positions that I think I qualify for even if they are contract or lower pay than my last drawn.

Once when a recruiter called me and asked about my expected salary, I even told her $1400-1800. She was shocked and said that I cannot do that as companies will think that there’s something wrong with me. My last drawn was $5.5k.

She advised me that I should be asking for $5-5.5k. I didn’t tell her that I was so desperate for a job, any job that will feed me as I’ve already used up all my savings.
Every time I try to tell myself to stay positive but the more positive I stay the more demoralised I become.

Sometimes when I’m lucky I will get calls from recruiters who after interviewing me on the phone say that they will forward my CV to the recruiting company whom they had advertised the position for. But after that, that was the last I heard from them.

I’m at a loss of what to do, I even walked in to shops when they advertised for dishwashers, cashier retail assistant, dental clinic assistant, all of which I’m sure I’m more than qualified for though I do not have such experience.

But as you can guess, after filling in the application form, I’m only told to go home and wait.

I was advised by relatives that I don’t have to try for such jobs as these companies know that with my last drawn salary and position, I won’t be “serious” about such jobs and thus they won’t ever hire me.

This is so unfair. I truly only need a job that will sustain me before I starve to death.

Of course, I don’t deny that if an opportunity to do what I used to work as came along I will resign from those (cashier, shop assistant, dishwasher)  jobs, but such positions have high turnover rates anyway, right?
I feel suicidal though I have no courage to do it but at this rate, even if I don’t commit suicide I will soon die of starvation.

I’m left with only $100 in my bank account, can you imagine?

I feel really helpless and useless, well meaning relatives and friends always ask me if I’ve found a job and I’m so ashamed of myself.

I think they think I’m lazy for not trying hard enough or simply choosy. They always say things like “admin very say to find wah, it’s everywhere”.

I know it’s everywhere and that’s why I’m a loser for not being able to secure one. I’m so ashamed of myself that I even have to lie to some friends that I’m not actively looking for jobs as I’m taking a break.

This will at least give me some dignity in front of them.


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11 Responses to “Jobless 38-year-old lady PMET earned $5500 before but willing to settle for $1400 – $1800”

  1. Elizabeth says:


    I am sorry you are going through a difficult moment in life. During this period of unemployment, I would encourage you to focus on improving your English writing skills. In addition, you might wish to spend some time on leisure reading or academic studies on the subject of your interest.

    As for your relatives and friends, you do not own them a living. Therefore, it is not a necessity for you to disclose private or confidential information to them. It is important you learn to establish personal boundaries with others. Please remember that those who truly loves you do not need your explanation and those who do not care about you won’t believe you anyway.

    Wish you well.

    Overseas Singaporean

  2. Owen says:


    You should be very proud of yourself that you are actually a strong person, facing all these problems by yourself and you didn’t blame anyone for it.

    There good and nasty friends and relatives around. So, be wise and smart to avoid at all costs. Coz these people are not willing to help you or even a word of console. You don’t own any explanation to them. So, ignore them if you have to…

    Meantime, just try harder to look for jobs, even it has to call up some friends for come connection into their companies or different industries.

    All the Best and hope you could get a job soon!

    Overseas Singaporean from Sydney

  3. caramello says:


    You reminded me of times when I was jobless for 2 years and rely mostly on my parents savings as I was fresh out from school.

    I got kicked out of 2 jobs and finally found one last year, however the situation in my current company have changed and I found myself at the centre of office politics, and am not too sure if I can still sustain my present full time job for the future.

    What I mean is, we as employees are disposable assets for the company and companies especially MNCs nowadays would prefer to hire foreigners rather than Singaporean as they are cheaper to hire.

    Try to find part time employment first before hunting for a full time job as it is easier for you to sort out your problems that way. Take care and dont take it too hard as unemployment happens to millions of people around the world.

  4. Johnny says:

    I am no savior. My HR sends out emails of job vacancy almost once a month, including those of related companies. You can get my email from gilbert and I will send you the job info when I have them. The good thing is this is a direct hire, so you do not have to go through some bogus job agencies. I only help local born Singaporean. Not for PR and foreigners.

  5. Johnnie says:

    My HR sends out emails of job vacancy almost once a month, including those of related companies. You can get my email from gilbert and I will send you the job info when I have them. The good thing is this is a direct hire, so you do not have to go through some bogus job agencies. I only help local born Singaporean. Not for PR and foreigners.

  6. Daniel says:

    Dear Desperate,

    I would like to encourage you to stay strong and keep the faith that you will get that job one day.

    I am in the same situation as you now. I was retrenched 5 months ago and till date, I have not found a job. I have sent out near to two hundred resumes but I have only at most 2 interviews and a few calls from recruiters. In one interview, I was asked to reduce my pay up to 60%, citing reason that at least I have income.

    It is really sad to see Singaporeans who sacrificed up to 20-30 years of their lives to contribute to our country’s economy and growth, only to find out they have been reduced to liabilities. At best, they have been told to change their resumes and retrain to take up lower end roles.

    However, I draw strength from the knowledge that there are others like me and are going through what I am going through.

    You are not alone. Do what you can to find that job. Humble yourself to find connections. One day, your effort will pay off.

    All the best and chip up!

  7. William says:

    Hi All,

    I know this few years will be tough for us. I also realise more redundancy will be coming in the next two years. Especially for those age 40 and above. I will be featured in FM958 on every Friday from 29 April 2016 and talk about this issue. Hope that the program will encourage more people and eventually can make a difference.

    All the best to all of you.


    • J Y says:

      Hi William

      What time will you be on air? Who are the DJs interviewing you? What is your background?

      It is true that many employers won’t hire PMETs even if they lower their salary expectation. Is minimum wage the answer to our plight? Not everyone is able to be trained in a new industry especially for slow learners or those who are not tech savvy.

      What can be done to make use of our talents instead of doing low-income jobs to survive? How long will you be featured in 958? For one month or longer?

      Many courses required us to be employed first before we can make use of the grant given. That is a stumbling block to many of us. Maybe you can ask Gilbert to go along with you to the programme to shed light on this issue which has existed for many years already.

  8. J W says:


    Have you considered changing to a different industry? As all of us know, the only constant is change in the real world. To survive we must be adaptable and must be prepared to accept changes in our life.

    Please allow me to share with you that I was in senior managment position before I was retrenched. At an age of above 50, it’s almost impossible to find similar pay and position in the same Electronics/IT industry.

    I worked as a security officer for more than 6 months in order to feed the family. I had an opportunity to go into the property management industry and started all over again as an entry level property officer with a salary of less than $2,000. There are a grave shortages of manpower in this industry where opportunity is a plenty. This is a service industry and if you are willing to learn the rope, you can make good, as I am now a general manager managing a private condominium.

    Have you found a job since your last posting? If not, you may want to consider joining this industry. Not sure how you can contact me to explore this opportunity further?

    Good luck.

  9. CY says:

    I think problem lies in perspective. Is not what you want, is what market wants.
    For example private degree are deem inferior to recognised degree equal (local uni, or top 10 uni-varies from employers). Some employers consider private degree as local diploma. Aside from paper qualification as min requirement for most, they will also want sound experience, and cheap.
    Many companies these days eliminate most non value adding job, either by relocating such functions or shared by current employees.
    Admin roles do not yield revenue, nor it is compliance importance. Therefore you will find it very hard.
    It will be better to develop yourself in accordance to market demand. SG flood with foreign job seekers, just by looking at 2015 new jobs goes to which group, you will know SG is very competitive now. Market have low tolerance for being short changed.
    All the best, and good luck
    all the best

  10. JY TAN says:

    Can you email me your resume to Our oganization may have an opening for you

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