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Sunday January 14th 2018

Divorced homeless Uber driver sleeps in car for a week and feeling trapped in his situation

Dear Gilbert ,

I’m 34 and will only be 35 in July. I am facing some major setbacks in life and anxiety turned to desperation as the clock ticks.

I am a divorcee with two children. Care and control was given to my ex wife. She has since bought her own home.

I have been told by my landlord to vacate his place by this coming Monday and as my income is inconsistent, I have no means to rent a new place. Went down earlier to HDB and I did not qualify as I did not have a family nucleus.

I can also not apply solely as I am below 35. I asked if I can appeal and what the HDB officer coldly told me was to email. I have more than 100K in my CPF and I can’t apply is because of my age.

I am currently driving for grab and uber and the income is just enough to cover rent and petrol.

I’m very desperate and I do not know who to go to. I have slept in my rental vehicle for the past 1 week. I cannot return to my parents place due to my past as I could not get along with my parents.

This new year is something I am not looking forward to. I sleep praying that I won’t wake up ..

I have been driving aimlessly as I’m troubled and got into trouble last night when I drove into the woodlands checkpoint instead of woodlands train checkpoint taxi stand and was issued with a summon for 3/4 tank and officers refused to listen to my explanation that I do not have enough money to pump petrol.

Bro can you advise me how to overcome all this ?


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One Response to “Divorced homeless Uber driver sleeps in car for a week and feeling trapped in his situation”

  1. Ms poverty says:

    Bro, yours is a small case. I was abandoned by my husband who had a mistress. I was homeless, had an infant to take care of and had no job at 20yrs old. I survived. First thing first, you need a stable income even if it pays low. You will have enough to rent a small bedroom in ulu location (pls dun go mature towns very expensive), take public transport to&fro work and have simple meals. Next thing, work hard while looking for promotion opportunities or better paying jobs. After a few job changes your salary should have doubled itself and it will become possible to save up for a small home. Having CPF to pay downpayment is cool but you still need a very stable income to qualify for a housing loan and some cash to renovate the place. It has been 14 yrs since my ordeal, my pay has more than doubled itself, I have bought a 3rm flat and then upgraded to 5-rm flat. I have also graduated from part-time degree and now looking forward to taking part-time masters course.

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