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Monday January 14th 2019

Security guard unhappy about Police Licensing & Regulatory Department’s regulation

Hi Gilbert.

I am not writing this to KPKB but to share with all my fellow security guards. I have a very nasty encounter with a security agency at the “Frontline” of the Year-end Festive Season Packages – Deepavali.

I believed many are not aware about this Police Licensing & Regulatory Department’s (PLRD) regulation that a security agency can simply notify PLRD that you will be under their employment and withold the notification for 14 days, simply base on the submission of your job application form.

This can be done without any form of contract/agreement entered and the security agency need not inform the applicant at all about the notification.

All security guards are fully aware that one is only allowed 2 notification with PLRD. Once fully utilised, you will not be able to work under other agency.

I raised the issue to PLRD and received a reply from them on the 15th day.

Quoting the official email & letter from PLRD:-

“In this regard, there is no regulatory breach as the agency has ceased the notification within the requisite 14 days period.”

In my numerous emails to PLRD starting on Nov 06, 2015 I have stated the following facts.

On Nov 02, I went for a Walk-in Interview for a Deepavali’s package offered by a security agency. I filled in the application form and was told that latest by Nov 04, they will inform us on the outcome, whether successful or not.
On Nov 04, I did not received any notification from the agency.

On Nov 05, I called the agency and I was told the officer will call back by the same day but he never call back at all.

On Nov 06, I decided to look for another agency to work with but was told that my 2 notifications were already fully utilised.

I made a search on PLUS personally, and was shocked to find out that the “Frontline Deepavali Package” security agency had already notified PLRD on the very day I submitted the application but they have withhold the notification from me.

I immediately called the agency to cancel the notification immediately as I agreed to work for another agency and there was a formal agreement signed. The lady at that agency rudely refused to cancel the notification. She claimed that the agency can withhold my notification for 14 days and challenge me to complain to PLRD if I am not happy.

I wrote an email to PLRD about the incident.

I also wrote an email to that security agency stating I have no intention to work with them and requested them to cancel my notification with PLRD immediately.

On Nov 20, I checked online with PLRD and found out finally the notification was cancelled.

I also finally received an email later from PLRD saying:-
“We note that your notification with Frontline Security have been removed. At our end we have also checked and confirmed that your status have been removed from the system within the stipulated period. In view of this we will close the matter.”

By bringing this matter up to your attention, I do hope none other than me will become a CASUALTY like me at the “FRONTLINE” of the lucrative offers made by Security Agencies at year-end festive season.

There seem to be something and somehow wrong about this system. The Personal Data Protection Act also does not cover nor protect we security guards in such an instance.

May be someone wise can help to enlighten us further?

Thank you.


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12 Responses to “Security guard unhappy about Police Licensing & Regulatory Department’s regulation”

  1. agongkia says:

    When you apply for a job the company has to notify PLRD before you can start work.
    You should let the company know that you are joining another company if you decide to since they have no job for you.They will usually notify Plrd immediately instead of waiting.

    The only mistake is that that company keep you as a reserve since the post is taken up and they hope to engage you once any existing guard go awol.

    But you should also explain on why you did not ask the first company to clear your name instead of blaming the latest company.

    • Mosh says:

      agongkia has read it wrong on the last paragraph. In fact at all times, the writer was furious at the first company (Frontline) and not the second company.

      The writer already has one notification reserved by an unknown company to which he don’t have to explain. Perhaps it’s because he is still happy working it that agency.

      The grievance is with the Frontline company. They may have the right to use the second notification but based on their verbal promise to call whether or not selected, they should have the decency to call or delete the notification.

      During the interview, they should have explained their 1) intention to use the notification even before complainant starts to work, 2) intention to hold on to the notification if not selected in case of turnover or no show 3) have the courtesy to call on the 4th which they never did.

    • gs singh says:

      no point indicating about PLRD problem about two notification.this problem PLRD knows very well not one or two person complaining but there a lot no body bother as it dont effect them at all .Actually they should employ about three to five persons from security agency not agents but employee see hoe effective it can be

      • Muhammad says:

        If what you said is true, PLRD knows about this problem due to lots of feedback from the people, they should come out with their reasons why the rules is as such. They should be transparent and honest enough about this matter if they are really taking security matter seriously.
        Like i mentioned before, with this ruling, people are unable to work because of the notifications. This will lead to shortage of manpower, which goes against the government wish to attract more people into the security industry. The company that won the tender will have problem finding people to work and in turn, they will have to pay a hefty fine to PLRD. So is that the reason why they want to stick to this rule? to fatten their paycheck or for their own hidden agenda?

        As for your point of hiring more people from the security agencies, that is like taking 2 steps back. It used to be Cisco/Aetos that handle most of the events before but right now there are many agencies that are doing events as well, which is a good sign in my opinion. If you hire people from the securities agencies, they will know all the loopholes for the tender and can pass on this information to their company or their croonies. This will led to monopolization of the security industry market and will lead to stagnation of the pay. Unless you are a business owner, which works well for you as you are pulling in a big profit from the project,the rest of the security officer will surely feel dishearten to work conscientiously as the effort and time they put in do not match with the pay that they are getting. Thus, the effort that the government put in to increase the wages through the PWM model will surely backfire due to monopolization.

        Im sure the PLRD employs smart people to work for them as they had been keeping mum about this problem even though they know the problem is there. Surely they can put their minds together to achieve a win-win situation for all, not only for themselves or their business partners/investors. By saying that PLRD knows about this problem and nobody can do anything about it,is like saying we are living in a communist country where the people have no say to the people who vote them in to do the job in the first place.
        Let’s be fair to the common people who holds the pink i.c here to earn a proper living, getting paid their deserve salary for their effort and time that they put into their job. That is why now it’s seldom to hear security jaga or security guard but security officer. No point upgrading the title but pay still low/same. If upgrading of skills and obtaining a proper license requires you to be restricted to work for 2 companies, is it fair to say to a competent person who holds a proper paperwork(degrees, phd…) that he can only hold 2 post at a time. That is to say that he/she can only be a board of director, C level management or minister but only 2 company at a time. Sounds ridiculous right?

        I’m sorry that i do not have a solution to solve all this problem. Surely it’s time to get the highly paid people to do a brainstorming session that will produce a satisfactory solutions and a happy ending for many more years to come. Especially with the rising level of threats in Asia now. Not just sit around and collect heavy paychecks at the end of the month and finding fault with the people who is trying to make a living in Singapore, to be a better place for them and their families.

  2. Muhammad says:

    In the first place, what is the point of having PLRD to monitor us? Yes, it’s good to keep up the image of security officers looking professional but even waiter/waitresses earn more than us security officers and they are not restricted to holding on to any agencies. They do not hold much responsibility and in low risk job but earn higher salary. We are living in a dangerous times as pointed out by the Home Affairs Minister. Even with PWM its still not enough for us considering the amount of time spent on duty and the sacrifice to be away from our family. In short, it’s the opposite of what the government encourage the citizens to have a work life balance.

    As for 2 companies only, it benefits the agencies bosses as they had to follow the PLRD regulation to have enough officers to man the ground and thus, they are secured with men working for them with this regulation but what benefits does the man on the ground gets?

    We want to be known as an event hub. A lot of companies organizes events every now and then and its not possible to earn a legitimate amount of money if we decide to work as a freelance event officers. It used to be easy working as a freelance event officer until PLRD took over.We are already being forced to take up license and upgrade ourselves by taking the relevant time wasting courses in order to work events and yet we are limited to work for only 2 company. There are lots of security agencies doing events. Most of the events took place on the weekends and sometimes we are unable to do the events, even if we want to. Its because PLRD office operates Monday till Friday only during office hours and the company needs to update the PLRD database before they can deploy men to work. The removal of names from the PLRD database will only take place within 24 hours and not immediately and thus, if you happened to remove your name on a Friday., you will only be able to work the following week.

    So my suggestions is to improve the PLRD system itself before it wants to start regulating other people rice bowl and assert its power upon the company under its regulation. Stop demanding the security officers to go down to the police station and make a police report before they can start taking actions against the errand companies. I had lodge a few reports before at the police station and every time i’m there, the police officers kept asking me if i went to the right place and not M.O.M. You are really wasting time with all this procedures. Im sure with a world class police force, you will be able to come up with a simpler solutions to help the common people earn a living instead of defending the companies big bosses who used to be a civil servants/police officers. Once you have a good system, keep track on the company first before checking up on the men. There are still lots of companies who do not comply to the regulations and they are still doing well. The men on the ground suffer the consequences for having shortage of pay, selective races(yes some Malays are not allowed to work in government buildings even though they are Singaporean) and so on. It should be a top down system, not the other way as its easier for you to enforce the rules.

    I guess this is partly why Singapore will always have shortage of security. Not much younger Singaporean prefer to work in this line because of the problems that i had stated above. Please take a proper look into this matter if you are going to heed the Home Affair Minister words, to take security issues seriously. Its been more than 5 years PLRD took over and the same problem is still around. Good job at getting rid of previous bad companies but more needs to be done here, especially taking care of the common people problems of earning their rice bowl, not breaking or limiting them. When the men on the ground is confident that their welfare is taken care of by the regulating body, i’m sure they will perform their duty honestly and seriously.

  3. Snash Jay says:

    No1 this is the mistake on the agency part , bo agency is to notify any officers early (its more of to lock them in) only may notify 1 or 2 days before commemce of job or on friday if job to commence on monday , And agency who notify officers early and in the end never gave officers job have to be black listed from any fb security forum due to time wastage , and also preventing said officer to secure the job else where

  4. Muhammad says:

    What if the officer is a freelance and unable to work full time due to other commitments?

    An example: He/she take up the assignment, a 1 day event for company A on Friday night and work for company B as a regular relief on Saturday night. And both this agency have no more suitable job for the officer for the following day. Even if both this agency remove the notification, the officer still wont be able to work on Sunday and Monday(day shift) due to PLRD office close. That means you won’t be able to take up other assignment by company C on Sunday and company D on Monday

    And like what u say Snash Jay, if the job starts on Monday and the company already notify by Friday, it’s worse. He/she will have no more slot to work on weekends. Most of the events here take place on weekends, with all sort of irregular shift. Some maybe as short as 4-5 hours job, others may be as long as 12 hours shift. As long as you put an effort to turn up for work and do the job nicely, regardless of the hours you put in, you still make some money for your daily expenses. If PLRD office is close and you are unable to work(even though it’s not your fault), where do we get our money for our daily expenses? Whom can claim for us? Definitely not the agencies right? And 100% not from PLRD as they don’t even bother to clear the notification throughout the weekends.

    So, any solutions to this? Perhaps those who create the rulings have the answer. It is a matter of whether they want to stand up for the common people or continue being peg by the agencies bosses and tied down the officer to 2 notifications so they do not have to pay L.D for shortage of manpower. At the end of the day, money talks and i guess it’s not worth siding with the men on the ground. That is why PLRD continue to ignore the common man pleas and still enforce the 2 notifications ruling. It’s a pathetic situation for the officer to follow the Police rules, to apply for the license, attend courses and in the end restricted to work for 2 company at a time. If there is any problem with the agencies that we worked for, we need to make a police report at a police station before PLRD can investigate and take actions against the agencies( such as removal of notification). All this is a disadvantage to the officer for trying to make a decent clean living here, don’t you agree?

  5. Rashid says:

    How u complain to plrd…i want to post my bad experience wif security company

  6. Security says:

    How to complaint??! I also have bad experience with Xxx Company.
    They still holding on and refuse to cancel the notification of mine.Very fustration. We as a security officer earn peanuts yet the company do this to me. 12hrs x 6 days with an hour of break .
    Each 12-hour shift is further divided into one-hour blocks, with 11 hours of work and a one-hour meal break. The 11 one-hour blocks form a rotating roster, with five guards put on one of five tasks hourly: manning the main guard post, guarding the basement entrance of the clubhouse, operating the carpark barrier, watching CCTV cameras and patrolling the grounds.
    It’s a pretty boring job, 95% of which is downtime. If you can entertain yourself on the clock it’s a breezy paycheck.Keeping occupied should be easy in the modern era of smartphones.
    Yet I got a miserable pay of 1.6k. Morning eat roti $0.90. Afternoon eat been hoon $1.20 . Dinner eat chicken rice $3.00. There goes 1.6k. Ridiculously and pathetic
    Anyway I only request to remove me from the company since I had already found a better offer in the security industry. Yet was given a stern lecture and a shouting on the phone . Do I deserve such a treament . Anyway security industrial people are shallow minded. When one doesn’t benefaction the other, you will remain worth-less.
    We don’t deserve such a treament . We don’t felt appreciate by fellow mates. Restrictions of working 26 days . No time off , leave not approve .Take mc kena shout. Everytime Sops.
    Knowing that being a security guard is regarded as the lowest and most contemptible job a person can have. Comments that I have heard include things like “security guards are losers who can’t get a real job.” One person informed me that security guards are often “stupid, fat, ugly, lonely people who would otherwise be unemployed and homeless, but lucked into this boring, low paying, unskilled job.
    However people intend to look upon security officer as the ” lowliest ” job .
    Everything is yes sir yes sir n 3 black fool. Treat security like no respect . Permanent employee doesn’t mean have permanent site. At the end of the day I don’t own a living from any one. Nothing to song about.

  7. Benson says:

    It’s very saddening to hear and see all this issues.
    It’s been around for donkey years.I sincerely hope those departments involved please to something make some improvements please and thanks in advance!

  8. sirina says:

    Hi how do I report company hire few Malaysias working two shift for days and I have work cover for them rest for hours is been a month so I resign from the compay,I don’t how many he have

  9. sirina says:

    Don’t keep his word with money promble too keep man power down and we cover it still not exart pay

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