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Friday January 25th 2019

Singaporean complained about unfair labour practices in American FinTech firm SunGard

*SunGard is a FinTech company which has questionable HR practice.

1. The senior management are all French origin and the middle layer made up of FT Indians. No Chinese or Singaporean in professional or management level.

2. The few Singaporeans or Chinese are relegated to support or admin role.

3. They have recently decided to offshore support function to India and eliminated around 10+ jobs that was previously part of the graduate training program.

4. Before I was let go, the company refused to release me from my non-compete clause and HR and threatened to pursue legal actions against me if I ever work for a FinTech firm again. My supervisor even overloaded me with work in the final few weeks and threatened to bad mouth me if I don’t finish them.

5. I am just a junior application support staff, hired as part of your graduate program, let off due to restructuring and now you are disallowing me to find a job in the area which I am trained at?

I will not recommend any Singaporeans or Chinese to work at the company.

I also hope the brokers, which I think SunGard does a large part of business with, realize what they are doing when they give business to this company.

You are funding the lifestyle and retirement of the foreigners, strengthening their stranglehold on your technology and allow them to continue to look down on your operation people.

Stay away from SunGard


Editor’s note: This note is retrieved from a comment posted here.

*SunGard is an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, which provides software and services to education, financial services, and public sector organizations. (Wikipedia)

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Singaporean complained about unfair labour practices in American FinTech firm SunGard”

  1. Texas says:

    The eviI tyrant & his cronies are super-obsessed with foreigners & new citizens … that old citizens are systematically remove to their graves !!!

  2. xyz says:

    Too bad. What Sungard is doing is totally legal in Singapore. Not happy?!? Then why vote PAP?!?!

    And telling brokers not to use Sungard is laughably stupid & moronic. People in finance industry are among the most self-centred & mercenary on earth. They will offer business and sell their own mothers to whoever can help earn them multi-millions and billions.

    Foreigners taking away your jobs and driving you to suicide, or causing your parents / children to starve is not their business.

  3. aaa says:

    This is disgraceful! Another big foreign company exploiting and marginalising the locals..

    The solution is simple – If I were you, go ahead and tell the HR to send you their legal letter. Based on what you’ve described, a junior support analyst like you have nothing to worry. They have no legitimate proprietary interest that they need to protect themselves from you.. How do they prove that they have suffered losses due to the loss of one junior ex-employee leave for another competitor? How much do you know in the company to negatively impact them ?

    If they do want to pursue legal action against you, all you need to do is to circulate and publicise the matter on the internet, newspaper.. let the news about how yet another foreign big company bullying a poor junior Singapore like you spread. File a complaint with MOM, and then go approach your MP.

    These foreign owned companies who that they can easily bully locals should be taken to task. As foreigners, they should know how to respect the local and be grateful to the host country and its people for giving them the opportunity to be employed and operate here.

    Our government has always been very pro-employer, thinking that this would help attract foreign companies to set up base here… we don’t have to be afraid that they will pull that we’re already one of the leading business cities in Asia, why do we need to worry? These companies lose more by not having presence here..

    Wake up PAP!

    MOM should reject the employment pass of these foreigners and impose severe restrictions on such companies!

  4. Mockingjay says:

    Non-compete clause in a contract cannot be wide ranging as to prevent you from ever working in the same industry again. Such a clause would be laughed out of court (if the case ever reached that far). It would only be a matter of concern if you poach the companies existing clients. But since you are in support and not sales I don’t see how that can apply to you. So don’t worry about the non-compete clause. Its probably not worth the paper on which its printed.

  5. SAF says:

    I interviewed with SUNGARD once. It was a horrible experience. The place is full of foreigner Indians! The managers were all foreigners from India with no manners and skills and crap education. They didn’t want to hire any Singaporeans and just wanted to interview me for the sake of it. They told me they cannot find “suitable” Singaporeans. Assholes!
    PAP and MOM have really destroyed lives of Singaporeans with their crazy pro-foreigner policy!!!

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