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Tuesday March 19th 2019

Third victim of cheating scam by Young PAP member company

Dear Mr Singh,

Thank you for your prompt response,

However, I still have another case that is bothering both my wife, Mdm Chow and I that we are unable to sleep for nights as we have a special needs kid to care for. We and our family friend, Mdm G.L. were cheated of our hard earned monies by representatives of Cuffz Holdings Mr MK Chin (S7371637C) and Chan Wai Meng who claimed they were licensed by MAS to be carrying out such activities.

We soon found out they were not but it was too late as we had already paid one Boss Singapore Pte Ltd owned by Mr Chin.

Chin has since fled while Chan feigned ignorance for this matter. When we approached MAS for assistance, officials there claimed it is not under their purview and pass on the case to CAD. CAD much later revealed to us that their investigations revealed no offence committed even though Cuffz Holdings is adamant about returning our principal to us with the 50% dividends as promised in their sign-ups.

CAD up to now insists we have no case although we were clearly duped alongside others who have also reported this case to them and advised us to seek civil proceedings at our own costs. We are very certain that MAS and CAD are both covering up this matter to protect their former director Mr Harold Fook who is also incidentally the chairman of government appointed internet regulatory authority as printed on his flyers.

Fook is the present director of IOC and Cuffz Holdings.

I do not know who else we can trust when even our so often acclaimed civil service (MAS) is involved in some sinister dealings stated by the WSJ.

So I hope as MP, you can right the wrongs suffered by Aljunied residents where residents of other areas do not have such representations, Thank You very much and my wife and I will be there to see you as advised.

Yours sincerely,

Mr William Lim

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3 Responses to “Third victim of cheating scam by Young PAP member company”

  1. Texas says:

    Singaporeans of all walk of life … have been conned with inception of the greedy evil tyrant !!!

  2. Christine says:

    I am wondering if this is a conspiracy to begin with….

    1. At least 3 write-ins on the scam by ‘Young PAP Member’? What are the chances that all these 3 write-ups are COINCIDENTAL?? Seriously??!!

    2. The common wordings are ‘Young PAP Member’. Exact words from all 3 versions?? PLEASE – I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to smell a rat here!

    3. Frankly, even if you are ‘cheated’ by this company set up by this ‘Young PAP Member’, you will not have sufficient documents nor evidence to prove anything. Sad to say, people who run such schemes are wickedly cleverer than many of us. That is why they are able to ‘con’ you into parting your hard-earned money to them to begin with! As such, without sufficient hard evidence, nobody will be able to help you, not even MAS nor our govt.

    If you all wish to sabotage this ‘Young PAP Member’ and his company, even if he did cheat you people, please be smarter about this. Don’t do things in such obvious manner that even a child can see through it – like your 3 write-ups with the almost same words, just tiny alterations.

    You can deny until your face/faces turn blue and green for all I care – I am very confident that I am not the only one who saw through this conspiracy.

  3. xyz says:

    It is obvious why MAS & CAD say you have no case. 3 main reasons:

    1. No written evidence of those scam companies claiming to be licensed by MAS. They just tell you verbally.

    2. Many so-called “investments” do not need to be regulated by MAS e.g. MLM, time share, landbanking, properties, oil, wine, art, gold, silver, platinum, animals, ostriches, plants, trees, palm oil, etc.
    S’pore is updating the law to regulate some of the above stuff by 2016. But too late for tens of thousands of Sinkies already kena conned.

    ** Even if regulated, you can still lose 100% of your money — look at all those Minibonds and Pinnacle Notes, etc during 2008/2009 — these were all MAS regulated & sold by big banks in S’pore. Investors in S’pore who lost all their life savings got no case in S’pore courts.

    3. The contracts you sign are usually as business partners or agents where they can legally say the investments failed, sorry all your money gone. Even if the contract states you are the customer and with guarantee, there are always caveats & fine prints in the contracts to cover the scammers.

    Actually Singapore law is very pro-biz and biased against vulnerable individuals. Those who know the law & financial regulations in Singapore can take advantage and setup companies to “con” people legally.

    WDA should train jobless PMETs such skills instead of useless skills to drive taxis, become security guards or clean toilets.

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