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Tuesday March 19th 2019

Another victim of cheating scam set up by Young PAP member company

Dear Gilbert,

I am writing in response to your article published yesterday, regarding a lady who was cheated of her life savings in which you encouraged similar victims of the scam to come forward.

Well, I am a victim of this scam too and have seen the Marine Parade MP several times in the past to try and have this resolved but to no avail.

I also wonder if the latest electoral results would get to their overly inflated ego to put residents’ interest first before all else?

In the last 2 letters by MAS dated 19 Dec 2014 (SCD CSI 015/2003) and Commercial Affairs dated 8 May 2015 (CAD/LIU/IP-M/00372/2012) ‘replying’ to my MP, MAS tried to absolve itself of any responsibility by claiming that it is not possible for it to “list all unregulated entities exhaustively” when I had earlier refuted that these 2 “unregulated entities” were allowed to “conduct business” here since 2005 before being placed on MAS “IAL” list only in 2013 after these companies have already amassed millions from the victims.

By then it is too late!

Commercial Affairs on the other hand which a Ms Winnie Lim signed on behalf of MAS directing the problem to, stated in its letter saying that they are still “looking into this matter”, a template response they have been providing since March 2014.

I also get the feeling that Commercial Affairs is not really interested to apprehend the suspects as their questions were mainly directed at victims, querying why we believe we have been cheated and so forth if we have any evidence that the companies are no longer in our shores. Well, I append their contact details here: for you to judge as well as to see if you can physically locate them without a warrant to do so.

In the meantime while victims are suffering, the perpetrators are out there having a great time holidaying and enjoying themselves in addition to continuing operations in the same manner as though there are no laws here to halt their activities.

I attach the following to prove our points and put a face to this scam, for indeed, our country is truly “Majulah Singapura” for them coming from Malaysia!


Editor’s note: If you suffer similar predicament from such scam, please write in to us anonymously. We are keen to publish your mail to shame the perpetrator.

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  1. anthony says:

    Why this news didn’t managed to get to Stomp and the Straits Times but a stupid dispute over a 23K car managed to get onto Stomp twice and even went on the main papers? SPH reporter no balls?

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