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Friday January 18th 2019

Citizen cheated of money set up by Young PAP member company

To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for your emails even as the various other agencies (MAS, ACRA and SPF) have been passing on this buck one to another.

For the record, my friends and I were approached by 2 individuals, Mr Chan Wai Meng and MK Chin of Boss Singapore Pte Ltd and Cuffz Holdings Pte Ltd respectively on 12 May 2012 to contract a fix deposit with them for a maturity term of 3 years.

Hence, we headed down to their offices at then 52 Boat Quay and were given assurances by the companies that Mr MK Chin and Chan Wai Meng were their staffs and that proper licensing was being obtained by a Mr Harold Fook who is an assistant director of MAS and the chairman of some government internet regulatory in addition to hailing from Young PAP.

All these were being conveyed to us at the point of our contracting.

But in March last year, we were informed by fellow victims that the companies have absconded with our monies to reopen new branches in Indonesia and Philippines.

When we went to see Mr MK Chin and Wai Meng to give us an explanation, they told us that our monies were already “burned” by then and further challenged us to make police reports as they charged that loopholes in the current system protects their business interest and prevents any guilt from being administered on them.

As it goes, it turned out to be so with Mr Pritam Singh informing me at his MPS that CAD had informed his office they will be closing this case with no further updates, accountability or transparency throughout the process.

I also do not dream Mr Victor Lye who promised he will help me during the course of hustings but disappeared soon after as I cannot expect those who scratch each other back to be “checkmating” themselves too.

The only recourse according to my MP, is to go the legal route.

As it is more often than not a draconian and lengthy process coupled with my entire life savings wiped out, I have no other alternative but to turn to Legal Aid and I hope the ministry will be impartial and “compassionate” in light of the landslide mandate trumpeted by PM Lee.

I have previously seen Fatimah Lateef for help before moving into my current premises but her letter did not aid much either.

I hope the ministry will look into this with a fresh perspective, thank you.

Ms Lim

Editor’s note: The Ministry Of Law is looking into the case now. If you are a victim of the scam please write in to us at We like to hear from you anonymously.

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One Response to “Citizen cheated of money set up by Young PAP member company”

  1. Donovan says:

    Just so you know… Cuffz Holdings has been operating scams under the pretext of “investments”. They have been soliciting funds from the public, telling them that they are “investing” in a product/scheme that boasts high returns.

    However, what is often stated on the legal paperwork is that these “investors” are BUSINESS PARTNERS or AGENTS and are thus fully liable for the entire amount of capital that they pumped into the scheme (i.e. Lose the entire sum of capital).

    Some of their fraudulent schemes include Global Business Club (Silver Buy-back), The Islandia (Land Banking), IVAI Wines (Red wine trading), 300 Positive Pte Ltd, iEP (iEntrepreneurs Programme) as well as their most recent “High Frequency Trading – Forex” scheme.

    Do take note!!!

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