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Sunday January 21st 2018

Singaporean PMET feeling like a minority worker in his Malaysian-majority workplace

I just joined a company as a Sales Engineer and  noticed a worrying trend. Out of the 5 people in my dept, I am the only Singaporean. The rest are Malaysians driving their Malaysian-registered car, commuting to work everyday.

There is a worrying situation in the Outdoor Sales and Service industry of Singapore.

Ever since the government made it difficult for the ordinary citizen to buy a car, lesser Singaporeans are able to take up a job that requires the employee to possess his own car.

On average, a company would pay a service or sales engineer about $900-1000 in car/petrol allowance. In these times, that amount is not even enough to cover for a month’s instalment let alone petrol.

However, for a Malaysian looking for a job in SG, it fits them well. They do not need to pump a 3/4 tank of petrol to go back across the causeway.

Daily VEP charges works out to be $35 per day about $700 per month.

Assuming a new service/sales engineer gets $3000 + $1000 they still have plenty left to spend back in MY.

Petrol is pumped in RM, servicing in RM, they can even change cars regularly.

With the current exchange rates, some are taking back 10k RM to spend in JB.

Has anyone noticed that the motorcycles and cars coming in from JB are getting bigger in CC? They are upgrading their transport while many Singaporeans are relegated to taking public transport.

A short drive up to Tuas or other industry area would confirmed my observations.

Shouldn’t the authorities charge a higher VEP to people driving their vehicles to work in SG?

Shouldn’t they be regulated to 3/4 tank back to Malaysia? In a couple of years, the only people that can afford cars are the rich and Malaysians driving into Singapore.

We just want a fair environment for employment but the government is encouraging foreign vehicles to come into SG work and bring the money back to MY.

Moreover, when I go to customers’ place  they too have many Malaysians working there. Quite hard to sell stuff to them but when their own coworkers go to  them…they seem to be more receptive!


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3 Responses to “Singaporean PMET feeling like a minority worker in his Malaysian-majority workplace”

  1. Peter Low says:

    Did you vote for PAP in the last GE? You have nothing to blame but yourself being part of the majority mislead and patsy Singaporeans if your answer is a firm “Yes”?

    This is nothing new to me which was why I belong to the minority group of Singaporeans.

  2. tt says:

    Yes. That is the trends in the few mnc I worked in. I am the only Singaporean in the Malaysian and Indonesian and Indian coworkers. Some may be converted Singaporean.
    Worst is can’t click with these people and the boss being converted Singaporean is one of the worst bosses I ever had. Should ask these people not to become bosses and ruin native Singaporean life

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