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Wednesday January 17th 2018

Complaint against Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council for water fixing at rooftop which ruined hung laundry

Hi Gilbert,

I’ve an issue with Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council. Would humbly request you to post this message on my behalf. Of course, it’s all subject to your approval. Can I request you to do it for me?

I’ve posted this on the page of Bishan Toa Payoh GRC and have yet to receive a response from them.

I’ve a video of the whole incident but was not attached on my message to them yet.

My message goes like this: I hope this page can be broadcasted and shared with/by everyone. This incident happened on yesterday afternoon at around 12.30pm.

I’m a resident of Blk 307 Shunfu Road. It was a hot, sunny and hazy afternoon.

My blanket and clothes were out in the hot sun. There was a sudden flushing of water coming from above. I was very sure that the flushing of water did not come from any of the units above as it didn’t seem like it was any dripping of wet clothing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stick my head out to inspect as the water was seriously flushing like nobody business! It wasn’t raining yesterday afternoon and that’s for sure! I immediately called Bishan Toa payoh Town Council at 12.48pm.

Was told by a lady by the name of Norliza from Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU) that calls were auto diverted to them as Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council does not work on Saturday.

Told Liza the problem I was facing and Liza said she would send someone from her office to inspect the heavy flush of water from the rooftop. At the same time, I rang Thomson neighbourhood police post. Half an hour later, 2 police officers arrived at my place. Nobody from Bishan Toa payoh Town Council has turn up!

One of the police officer then told me that as this was an incident involving and/or concerning town council, there’s nothing they could do about it unless it’s a case of water dripping from the residents’ coming from their wet clothing as much as he fully understands our frustrations.

Soon after, Liza called me to inform me that the plumber authorised by Bishan Toa Payoh town council is doing some water fixing at the rooftop.

The 2 police officers were still at my place. I asked Liza shouldn’t a Notice be issued informing the residents of the job being carried out?

Liza replied ‘yes, the plumber had forgotten to notify the residents but will do it now.”

I said what!! Now then you do it?

The town council ought to be pro-active right? If there’s no such complains or calls from the residents, you mean the job would be carried out as per normal?” Liza then told me that the plumber will be visiting me very shortly to apologise to me for causing all the inconvenience.

I told Liza shouldn’t town council be responsible? Shouldn’t it be the town council’s duty to inform the residents of Shunfu road that such job is being carried out?

Shouldn’t it be the town council be apologising? Liza kept quiet and we ended our conversation by me telling her fine, I’ll refer this matter to town council on Monday.

All the above was witnessed by my part time domestic helper who comes on every Saturday morning and the 2 police officers who could prove that my clothing and blanket which I left outside the window were totally wet. I had 2 pillows out in the hot sun too were wet and I had to throw them away.

My parents who were staying in Shunfu Road, Blk 313 told me last evening that this was not the first time they are doing that. It happened almost once a month where the plumber does the water fixing at rooftop and the water will just flush down like nobody business. No notice was given and the plumber did not even go door to door to inform the residents.

You would see everybody rushing to keep their clothing and some residents who were maybe not at home or just stepped out for a while would have their clothing all wet.

A police report has been lodged and we will not hesitate to seek legal advice and to pursue with legal proceedings against whichever party is responsible.


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One Response to “Complaint against Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council for water fixing at rooftop which ruined hung laundry”

  1. Amilyn says:

    It seems like town councils are the same. Whenever there is issues, problems or matters due to their negligence or poor management, poor organisation or training, whatever it can be, they always response in such a manner

    I have also been having very bad experiences with Aljunied town council, and they are getting worst. From recept to customer service to maintenance, etc, everyone seems to be pushing responsibility and giving you a ‘non-of-my-business’ reply, and said “you should know”. My gosh!!!

    1st, every month I face the same problem when they do cleaning and washing at the common corridor. Water, and it is dirty, will be splashed onto my wooden door and into my unit even with door closed. Door steps filled with dirty water and with fine sand and dust on the corridor floor after their ‘washing’. Every month we pay town coucil conservancy fee for them to dirty our flats or for us to clear mess for them? I have made complains many times but I have not seen anything done.

    2nd, recently they are doing painting for flats in Bedok Reservoir Area. I was surprised that before they begin splashing water to clean the block to prepare for painting, we were not informed. I just heard man shouting but could not exactly hear what they were shouting. And suddenly I saw water splashing and quickly rushed to close the windows. I was not able to lock it on time and some of the dirty water came splashing in. I had to shout to them to stop. I called the town council and this is how they replied, “before painting they need to wash, you should know’. What kind of reply is that.

    Getting very very disappointed.

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