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Thursday January 24th 2019

PMET feeling lost and seeking advice on whether to get out of small family business

Dear Gilbert,

Many thanks and appreciation for all your efforts to help people who feel all alone!

Unlike most of the “genuine posts” that I see which always makes me feel undeserving, my crossroad is whether  to get out of the small family business, without feeling guilty,  having been in my comfort zone for a long time and feeling lost and aimless everyday.

I didn’t want to get into the usual lifestyle of work, get married, have kids, support kids and family and house, eventually losing my ex finance of more than a decade.

I really want to change all my bad habits and become a better person, and am fearful in my anxiety on what I should do and how I can move on in life.

Most of my friends have grown tired from giving me the same advice for years and my inaction and excuses.

I owe so much to all my loved ones… I am writing to you in desperation from facing the 4 walls alone everyday.

Look forward to hearing from you…

Warmest regards


Editor’s note: we are scheduling to meet up with the person.

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