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Tuesday March 5th 2019

Official complaint to United Nations – unfair general election ethics in Singapore 2015


United Nations Bangkok

12th Floor, United Nations Building,
Rajdamnern Nok Avenue, Pranakorn
Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I want to formally lodge a complaint to the United Nations for our country’s recently-held general election.

For the record, I also stood for general election twice – Tampines GRC in 2011 and Ang Mo Kio GRC this year.

For the recent election, the ruling party PAP won by a landslide majority percentage of 70% – a huge increase of 10% over the previous GE 2011 result of 60%.

Many opposition parties suffered from bad losses – right down to the unprecedented 20s percentile mark.

My fear is that if the following unfair unethical practices are to go unchecked, it will be the accepted norm and we may see a one-party rule for a very long time – something which many Singaporeans are uncomfortable with.

Many are willing to accept the mandate of the majority but if the ruling party won it unfairly then the international community such as the United nations needs to step in so that future elections can be conducted ethically and above board.

We hope that independent assessors be sent in by the UN so that the population is ensured of a fair and ethical election from now on.

Moreover, Singapore is a  internationally-renowned economic powerhouse with a huge multi-national presence but it is seriously lacking in democratic rights and freedom of speech.

Those who spoke out against the authorities were frequently questioned by the police with some facing lawsuits and jail sentence.

I have listed down the following unfair unethical ways in which our government has won the recent election:-

1. Injection of new citizen voters

New citizens were injected yearly so that they can usher in to vote for the ruling party out of loyalty.

They were mostly hailed from third world countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, China, India and Indonesia and know no other party besides PAP.

An average of 25,000 new voters are added in annually since 2006 and by this election, more than 200,000 new citizens are eligible to vote – mostly for the first-time.

Though we acknowledged that voters are swayed by the SG 50 jubilee celebration and the death of patriach Lee Kuan Yew to vote for the ruling party, new voters from third world countries will be the new force to be reckoned with.

New-citizen voters is the main reason why our government allows in so many foreigners on the pretext of economic expansion but behind there lies a more sinister motive to stay in power forever as they are loyal to the ruling party.

We urge the government to consider that new citizens can only vote after staying with us for 5 years and beyond so their votes can never be manipulated at the onset to help the ruling party.

2. Boundary changes

Boundary changes is the norm of every election but for this recent election it is more pressing as the ruling party faces some unresolvable national issues such as transportation and over-crowding.

It’s share of the crucial majority votes have been slipping since two elections ago.

For this election, boundary changes is also more critical as it allows the government to flood certain opposition-held wards with new citizen voters. It is almost a sure-win way to ensure that they can hold on to their own constituencies and yet able to possibly remove a opposition-held ward or reduce its winning margin.

WP’s Aljunied GRC is one such ward as it saw the winning margin reduced from a five-figure majority victory in 2011 to a narrow 1900 votes (50.95). There is a 3.7% swing against the opposition giant.

In 2011, Aljunied had 143,000 voters whereas for the recent election it has 148,000 voters – an increase of almost 5000 voters.

In 2015, it polled 70,000 votes against the 2011 election’s 72,000 causing it to slip 3.7% to 50.9% of majority votes or 12,000 winning votes in 2011 to the current 1900 votes after counting in the PAP’s share of the votes.

The PAP’s share of the votes, on the other hand, jumped from 59,000 to 67,000 – probably a combination of new citizen voters (5000)  and swing voters (3000).

There is thus this fear that WP may not be able to hold on to Aljunied GRC in 2020 when the ruling party pours in more loyal new citizen votes with all things remaining equal.

The government roughly knows whether certain precinct is pro-government or pro-opposition according to the polling station and this is public knowledge by now.

By removing or adding certain precinct from a constituency, it can ensure that the area has a majority of government voters with the awful unfair boundary change that comes with every election.

We urge that any boundary changes in future be effected in consultation with the opposition to ensure that the playing field is levelled.

3. Demarcation of PA from PAP

The heavily-funded People’s Association (PA) is the arm and leg of the ruling party and its reach into the masses is one main reason why it won so handsomely.

It is also unfair as PA is a statutory board which is supposed to be non-partisan but its activities is all along very pro-PAP.

It has a yearly funding of $500 million and its budget is going to be ballooned to $1 billion soon. Its accounting practice is also suspect and is one of the many statutory board that is flagged by our Auditor-General’s office for malpractices.

This is unfair to the opposition as the government is using our tax payer money to fuel it’s own campaign by using unethical means.

Moreover, the chairman of PA is none other than the Prime Minister himself.

We urge that the PA be disbanded or distance itself from the ruling party in everything that it does to ensure that the playing field is levelled.

4. Election Department falls under the Prime Minister Office (PMO)

The Election Department now falls under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister Office (PMO).

This is most unfair as it gives the ruling party a huge advantage especially when the ED can influence significant boundary changes and when it can call for a election after consulting the PM giving little time for the opposition to prepare it’s ground.

We urge that the ED will be independent of the PMO so that it is impartial and just.

5. Control of mainsteam media during election

Our press rankings have been slipping down yearly with the latest rating at a historic low of 153 out of 180, according to Paris-based watchdog Reporters Without Borders.

The government has controlled our press and TV so that it can influence the masses especially during the crucial general election. Information is mostly slanted to benefit the ruling party and this press behaviour is not unlike that of communist bloc countries like China or Russia.

Propaganda messages were played and re-played again during the recent election so that the large middle ground is influenced to vote for the ruling party.

We urge that the government frees up our mainstream media so that the population has a balanced access to information on a impartial basis.

Let the public decide what kind of government they want without improper propaganda through unfair means.


I am willing to speak with the United Nations personally on all the above mentioned matters so that our country can have a fair and ethical election in GE 2020.

We also welcome independent assessors into our country for the next general election to ensure that the best political party wins – on its own merits!

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Goh

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Reader Feedback

21 Responses to “Official complaint to United Nations – unfair general election ethics in Singapore 2015”

  1. Edmund says:

    My view is those ft shd not even vote at all.

  2. Alvin Low says:

    Bravo, for a better transparency, accountability and good governance….

  3. Xinling says:

    Stop it la. If you are uncomfortable, move out of the country.

  4. Leon says:

    You are an idiot Gilbert Goh. You dont assume to represent Singapore in any way, not that I am worried the United Nations will care about you. I am just worried you make a laughing stock of Singapore !

  5. Mun says:

    You should just shut up trap and stop disgracing our country on the international stage.
    Such is the standard of opposition, no action talk only. Most of your proposed changes and policies make no economical sense.
    Dont need to take it personally but this what the opposition portray themselves to be, Angry people. You guys mostly appeal to the angry and lazy Singaporeans who always complain. Do not be delusional, most people that vote for you are against the PAP but not truly for you.
    Go back to the drawing board and reflect on the pathetic state of oppositions in SG. Singaporeans don’t need alternative voices, we just need correct and sound voices.

  6. Mun says:

    Correction – shut your trap*

  7. Frank says:

    Another douchebag

  8. Joan says:

    Luckily you didn’t win the constituency you contested in.

  9. Joan says:

    A complain to the UN??? Do you really think anything will happen in response to this letter???

  10. A normal sporean says:

    U think UN would bothered about sg? And in what grounds can they interfere with our domestic affair…. As long as sg stay lawful on the international stage and does not break internatioanl agreements… the UN cannot do anything….

  11. A normal sporean says:

    And the PAP is nt too bad… They have served us well…. No policy is perfect and is able to server all class of people in the society… Most imptly… It’s able to reach out to
    the majority…. The minority have to be given up… Tats electoral policy…. Its not possible to change a system that can ardy reach out to the majority for the minority…. Its up to the minority to work hard and not slack in life…. Hopefully not become the minority…. A system tat can serve the majority is wat any country can hope for at best…. If the majority is served… Then tats good enough….

  12. Newcitizen says:

    So, if new citizen doesnt recognize your party, its because of pap fault ? To become citizen, you need to get PR, which requires you to stay for sometime. And only after few years of PR, that you can apply for citizenship. I say you have plenty of time to get yourself known.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Have been visitng your site since 2011. Just forget it, you have done your part. Nothing is going to change especially when 70% agreed with the policies. Majority wont appreciate your efforts anyway. People will only realize when they are the victims. Well, good luck at that point in time.

  14. Yong says:

    Mr Goh, thankyou.

  15. Ian says:

    Good try, Gilbert Goh.!

    I’m actually almost hoping the UN will give you an opportunity to actually present your ridiculous claims.

    But please, please DO NOT claim that you speak for the 70% who (.. wisely..) rejected you. Speak ONLY for yourself in all your accusations and pleadings… do not use the collective “we”; just say “I” or “me”! OK..??

  16. JR says:

    And you think that by bringing affairs to the UN and washing your country’s dirty linen in public, you’ll endear yourself to voters. Congrats, delusion has just reached new heights.

  17. DAOCHUN says:

    Believe it or not, hordes of the Western media, academics and Western Government officials are already in town to study the PAP electoral success. They would love to emulate our government with a strong mandate to implement sound pragmatic policies that bring prosperity and continual growth.
    It is a no brainer why the PAP keeps on winning election after election with a sizeable majority.
    The PAP fulfills its promises despite its shortcomings.
    The opposition may deliver bigger and better promises which aore of more of grievances rather than constructive manifestoes but once they like in the West get elected fail to deliver the promises and the country starts to go downhill. And the cycle of spiralling poverty gets repeated in the next round of election with a new opposition coninto into power with the same agenda of unfulfilled bigger and better promises. That scares me and like minded supporters of a PAP ruled strong, honest, stable government.

  18. Thistoo Shallpass says:

    You are really convincing with your facts. A constituency where the voters increased by 3.5% over 3 years. Who has ever heard of that in a democracy? How dare the Singapore government gerrymander when no other democracy in the world dares to do it! The election body being part of the government, unheard of! Using taxpayer money to help people so that they will vote for the people in charge, preposterous. And handing out passports to zombies so that they will vote for the ruling party, how dare they?

    With your in depth knowledge of how the UN works and how much influence it can have on Singapore (like changing Singapore’s law so that a new citizen can only vote after 5 years), it was definitely a rigged election where you did not win and become foreign minister.

  19. Sy says:

    Singaporeans had chosen base on the votes they cast and not respecting this majority decision is a reflection of how poor a listening skill you have as a politician which probably accounted for your loss. It’s one thing to disagree with national policies set by the government but another to reach out to a 3rd body to interfere in our national issues. This is call being a traitor to a place we call home. If you cannot win within the rules, don’t play. Should you have won in this 2015 election, would you have taken the same decision to write to United Nations? Be honest about your answer and that shows the definition of being a very sore loser.this is only a moment in time that you have lost and there is still many years of elections to come… Spend the time to define your strategies on our national issues and your mandate than to whine about why you lost under the national glare. If you cannot even accept this experience, do you even have the character and perseverance to see Singapore through good and bad times??

  20. J Y says:

    I always vote for opp and was also disappointed by the results. I had hope to narrow the winning margin between the 2 parties instead of widening it. I think there are still many other ways you can channel your energy instead of dwelling in the past.

    I was so busy that I couldn’t be bothered to change the minds of those PAP supporters. Likewise, they also couldn’t change my mind about who I wanted to vote. But at the end of the day, we still have to live in harmony as a family.

    You can try to set up a social enterprise with a few partners to employ the long-term unemployed and give them a fair wage and a good work-life balance. Your company can only employ Singaporeans. You also need to adhere to the best labour laws and human right laws in the world.

    If your business model is successful, you can replicate this model idea to more companies and in the process, help more people to find jobs and survive in SG. This will be more useful than entering politics and hoping for the unlikely to happen—to change the govt.

  21. Aneesa Connie Teo says:

    Dear Bro Goh

    May God bless u! As like all prophets, they were bullied when speaking the truth in the beginning. Men who dare such reveals face similar prosecutions. As history unfolds so will the grave evil deeds and one shall reap what one sow eventually *peace*

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