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Monday August 19th 2019

Odd job worker lamenting about termination and feeling suicidal

Dear Mr Gibert,

I’m deeply saddened that within a year I am unable to secure a proper job.

First I was laid off in the month of March 2015 where I worked for 2 years.

Followed by my latest job where I only worked for not close to 2 months since July and I was terminated suddenly last Tuesday on 25th August 2015.

To be honest, I am suffering from a  relapse of depression due to this termination.

Previous job where I serve 2 years but also often have thoughts of suicide. Reason  is that when I left my latest job, I wasn’t told of the reason nor there was a discussion or review about my workload or difficulty at work.

I was ask to leave that Tuesday and I may have thrown some tantrum at the workplace.

Do employers know that what I have been through?

Do anyone really know what am I working for?

For myself? For KPI? For revenue?

No! To support my parents, clear my credit card debts and also for my future.

Having to leave my job without any proper explanation, I have approached MOM for assistance

But unfortunately they have advise me to consult my employer instead.

On what grounds will a worker have if I were to consult my employer?

Ultimately they find 101 ways s to justify the termination.

Now I wonder what is the reason behind the termination  so I could move.  I also worry about my credit card debts as finding a new job is not fast.

I have predicted that I could only secure a new job by January 2016 as job seeking is not easy.

One have to search, go for first interview then second interview and the whole process can take months.

That is why I always told myself if I ever have a job again I must work hard and cherish the job.

Is life fair to me?

After this termination, I often breakdown as I felt that lately my life was tough just  for to earn that pay check.

Pay check not only pay my debts, support my family and etc.  hopefully I don’t do anything stupid due to depression and that I could make it to my psychologist appointment next month.

Unemployment is one thing but the possibility of  landing in jail because of unsettled debts also worries me.

Being an odd job labourer for almost 10 years is really disheartening.  I felt that even if I work, I have to coach myself, understand my abilities  and shortcoming before someone uses my weakness to kick me out.

Kindly advise and I really hope I can stay strong even though my state of mind is fragile at the moment.

Max Lee

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4 Responses to “Odd job worker lamenting about termination and feeling suicidal”

  1. Richard tan says:

    Hey max Lee , I hope you are still sensible . I understand your dire situation and I have been homeless , poor , begging for money on the streets before. Well , sucide is not a solution , it may bring more negativity and affect the people who care about u , think about u . You should find your way out of the messy situation. I approached NTUC and I found a decent job that gave me a decent, stable income . It was really complicated being unemployed , at least see the hope in yourself , believe in yourself and finally take action … Maybe go NTUC office or recruiting agency.

  2. J Y says:

    I understand how you felt as I was in many temp jobs before. The employers would just give you one day’s notice and asked you to do the handover without any reason. In one govt office, I was there for 2 months and was getting familiar with the job scope when they asked me to do handover for another new temp staff. I was puzzled as there were a few temps before me and I wondered why they kept on changing the staff. It was also the same case for SMEs.

    I feel that they were giving people false hope when they said that you might be converted to perm. They just preferred people with more experience even though you were a fast learner. Something needs to be done to stop employers to employ temps just to save money. It was also very difficult for temps to explain to interviewers of our job-hopping when it was not our fault. We also need to survive and a temp job is better than none.

  3. VTA says:

    I sympathise the gentleman problem.

    To counter the depression that he suffers, he shd take Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B3.

    Vitamin D – 10,000iu per day
    Vitamin B3 – 6000 to 8000mg per day.

    Thank you.

  4. Jie Ming says:


    The only time whereby you will not be retrenched is to be a boss. Then no one can retrench you. You worried about been jobless and credit cards debts… No one ask you to over spend beyond your means, right? Spend money you feel shiok. Then when got to pay your debts you complained. Don’t keep thinking of suicide. Even if you really want to die, no one also bothered! Instead focus on improving yourself.

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