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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Prime Minister helps British citizen staying in AMK GRC to acquire permanent residency

Hi All

I have been reading this forum on and off since I arrived in Singapore 3 years ago and thought I would share my experience in case it helps anyone.

My situation when I applied in April 2014:
British citizen
Ba hons graduated 2002
EP working as a Managing Director earning $12k per month since Oct 2012
At that point I had 12 years working experience

That was not enough for my PR to be issued it seems.

I was lucky enough to meet the man for me here, and we got married in Jan 2015. He is Singaporean.

Shortly after we had our baby girl who is also Singaporean. Yes, I realise how shady that looks but it really was love not about a visa!!

I kept updating the ICA, providing certs etc by email, still “pending”.

The day I was due back from maternity leave I discovered my long term employers were letting me go, apparently deciding they could get along without me and my expensive salary. Angry? Yes, but I understand from a business perspective.

Anyway, we worked out my 3-month notice and my EP was cancelled this week with an automatic 30-day stvp issued. That is a horrible situation as you can imagine, looking for work without PR here is a nightmare at present.

I went looking for my local MP’s email and as I live in AMK it turns out to be Mr Lee. So despite the elections I thought wth, nothing to lose right?

So I emailed my situation and asked for their help in pushing along the PR or even ltvp which I applied for in July as a last resort (also pending).

Well today, my enquiry says my PR is approved. Huge relief, just waiting for the letter/next steps now.

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4 Responses to “Prime Minister helps British citizen staying in AMK GRC to acquire permanent residency”

  1. an0n says:

    Glad you loved our PR. But hang on to your Brit passport, if I were you. It’ll come in useful for Princess next time.

  2. huat ah says:

    she’s lucky.

  3. Dico says:

    To be fair, she is a mum of a Singaporean baby. It is only fair to give her the PR. These are the people that we should give the PR to and not some China man or India man with dubious background.

  4. Mosh says:

    Even if it is not LHL, chances are she will get the approval because she is a high earner. Lots of low paid or unemployed China, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Philippine foreign wives of Singaporean men never get the chance, even if they live in AMK.

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