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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Speech at Ang Mo Kio GRC election rally on 4 Sep 7pm Yio Ch Kang Stadium

Dear Singaporeans,

Thanks for coming by our election rally at AMK GRC.

I also want to specially thank my supporters who come from all over the island and those who took leave to support us – kudos!

We want to also thank Kenneth for giving us this platform to stand as a election candidate under the banner of Reform Party.

It’s a unique activist platform whereby people like Roy, Ravi and myself have being advocating for national issues for the past few years. There are also six of us standing for election in various political parties.

Hundreds of others are campaigning actively on the ground – all trying to be an active agent for change.

We do it because we love our country and also because we saw the need to speak out bravely and loudly for Singaporeans who are mostly timid and quiet even in the face of adverse policies.

Singapore is in dire straits now.

We are in deep serious trouble.

Never have I seen Singaporeans look so worried and desperate.

Right now, most of you would agree with me that the 6.9 million population white paper (PWP) is the most talked about issue that irked Singaporeans in this election – something that is harming Singaporeans.

Two years ago, Parliament passed the PWP which triggered two large protests at speakers’ corner drawing a total of 10,000 people.

Singaporeans are by nature docile and obedient but such unprecedented outbreak of emotional public emotions meant that they are very mad and very angry too.

Moreover, we have the Prime Minister repeating rhetoria that the population white paper is good for you and foreigners will help us bring in more jobs.

Right now, if you have a degree and years of experience, there is no guarantee that you will get a job.

The average waiting period has grown to 8 to 10 months from the usual 4 to 6 months.

Chances are you will have a salary deduction as employers try to knock you down with the foreign influx factor “if you don’t take it up, there are many others waiting at the door for that job.”

We also realized that fake degree is a big problem here and more than 5000 foreign talents entered our workforce using a fake certificate.

God knows how many have falsify their work experience as the manpower ministry simply don’t check and allow them in to replace us at the work place.

Is this the kind of Singapore you want?

I run a NGO which provides counselling and coaching service to jobless Singaporeans – most of us are volunteers and we provide mostly free sessions.

We saw close to 1500 jobless Singaporeans over the past 6 years and receive an average of 30 emails a month so we could somehow feel that the job market is now very shaky and Singaporeans are feeling insecure with this heavy foreign presence.

Bread and butter issues will be foremost on many Singaporeans’ mind when they take to the polls on Sep 11.

“Can I provide for my family for the next five years if I vote for the ruling party?”

“Will I be assured of a job and put food on the table for them?”

What good is a government who keeps boasting about having the best GDP and best airport in the world but yet could do nothing to protect jobs for our local Singaporeans?

We have 1.8 million foreigners working and living right now in our midst.

About 400,000 hold work permit for both the EP and SP categories.

Out of which 6000 to 8000 new citizens are being converted each year so they can vote for the ruling party.

Is this the kind of Singapore we want?

I am speaking all this not because I want your vote or to scare you Singaporeans but because I want you to know that you are voting not only for yourself but for your children and your children’s children.

It should be by far the biggest vote of your life time!

You have eyes to see how congested our trains have been since the implementation of the population white paper resulting in several major break downs causing the transport minister to resign.

You should have known of so and so staying jobless for many months and finally taking up a taxi license so he can put food on the table for his family – mind you we are talking about graduates and master degree holders.

We may even have the most educated taxi drivers in the world by now!

Ten years down the road, twenty years down the road your children and your grandchildren will feel the ramifications of this population white paper.

They not only have to compete for educational opportunities at our prestigious local universities but ballot for places in our childcare centres and fight for healthcare facilities.

More importantly, our national identity will be eroded gradually by this hastened foreign influx forced down on us by a tyrant government.

More than 300,000 Singaporeans right now are working and living abroad and no one is in a hurry to return home.

Wages are better abroad and the work conditions more balanced it would be silly for them to come back at all.

Locals here also get replaced easily at the work place as we have very weak labour laws. Moreover, if you earn more than $4500a month, MOM won’t help you to arbitrate in any dispute with the employers.

Foreigners visiting on social visit pass can look for jobs and MOM are ready to let employers hire them while their visas are being processed.

Contractual employment is also a huge problem now as in order to save cost, employers only hire you base on a one or two year contract.

There is no assurance or security anymore and many young Singaporeans are apprehensive about starting a family when they could not find permanent positions.

My fellow Singaporeans, the time has come for you to vote on 11th Sep.

It is a vote not only for yourself but for your children and children’s children.

If you are against the population white paper, vote against the ruling party.

By 2030, there will be a balanced ratio of foreigners working and living among us – half of you can be considered true blue Singaporeans only.

Is this the Singapore you want?

Vote for change! Vote for reform Party.

Editor’s note: I spoke off the cuff but the main points written here were spoken.

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Speech at Ang Mo Kio GRC election rally on 4 Sep 7pm Yio Ch Kang Stadium”

  1. J Y says:

    I hope that you can speak more about the other national issues that need attention in the future rallies. Besides jobs, population white paper, you can also speak about the need to narrow income gap between the rich and the poor.

    The BTO flats are also very expensive for the poor and many have to ballot many times even for non-mature estates.

    The blue card also cannot be used at some TCM clinics. The irony is that TCM medicine is much more costly than western medicine, but they are better for chronic health problems in the long term.

    Many people are also under-employed, in many temp jobs. The govt sector employs many temps and there is no job security now. Those without a driving licence can’t even be taxi drivers. Many uncles end up distributing flyers at MRT stations for an hourly rate.

  2. tt says:

    Govt should not easily grant citizenship and let those mnc who employ foreigners so easily come to SG to work. They gain skills while employed in big mncs in cheaper countries like Malaysia and Indonesia and come to SG to take away SG jobs. Furthermore they like to play politics and take away local jobs. It’s really irritating

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