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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

32-year-old jobless PMET ambivalent about getting a private degree

Hi There, Good Day,

Stumble upon this site by chance.

Allow me to start off with a rough summary of my current situation.

I am 32+ currently.

Just finish my short-term contract with my ex-company, as I’m not offered choice of conversion to permanent status by my the company’s management.

The reason being that my role is no longer compatible with their plans/direction for the future.  My company is a intensive events-related organizer and  my role/charge is that of store mover/inventory store.

Currently I have only a worthless diploma paper (NYP, Engineering Informatics now defunct) and a very rojak-like mixture of work experience that I’m sure is not ideal to any company out there.

Let’s just say my longest/best work experience is merely 2 years and 11 month of freight-forwarding at a 3rd-party logistics corp.

Basically, all this while I have been just “rolling through” day-by-day for the past 8 years plus.

My parents have advised that now I should  seriously think through my future down the road (what I want to do or see myself doing until retirement, which career path is realistic or stable etc)  – something which I’m rather apprehensive to do.

For one of my biggest concerns is the spending of long period of time/monies to do a degree  that may eventually turn out to be completely useless/waste of time and energy (money can still be earn back, but not time).

I have unfortunately done that with my diploma and the corresponding government grant and I nearly almost complete the degree portion (back out during 1st year after further queries and research into course/career viability and its related job market).

Since then, I have been rather reluctant with taking up degrees for fear of the above.

May I request assistance as I am in need of career and education counselling from your panel of experts?

I would like to “restart” my career path/life while I’m still able to, since I am just 32+, and would appreciate counsel/opinions on where/ how to start.

Attached is my resume for your perusal.

Hopefully appreciate a response from your side there.

With earnest regards,


Editor’s note: We are arranging the writer to see our coach soon.

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5 Responses to “32-year-old jobless PMET ambivalent about getting a private degree”

  1. Edwin Tan says:

    Hi Gilbert.
    I have something to share that might help people who are lost, after loosing their jobs.
    I am very sure that your coach/counsellers would have come across the book
    “What color is your parachute” by Dick Bolles
    If not, reading the book can give them ideas and enhance their skills in advising
    the retrenched, unemployed and under-underemployed.

    Also, you might want to refer the below video to them too
    ‘How do you turn a part time job into a full time career? [FOX Interview]‘

    I am a retiree of 73 years old. I am keen to help such people. I have had an enjoyable and colourful “working” life from 1960 up to Jan 2014. I am now
    “re-thread”. I like to use the term “re-thread”, like rethreading a worn out tyre, rather that the term ‘retirement’
    I started my working career as a teacher, then to an income tax officer, to accountant’s tax assistant, to admin manager, to sales-person, to sales manager to marketing services manager, marketing director to an on-the-job trainer-consultant and now an independent agent.
    I was involved in various industries from the civll service to sales, consumer and food, adult education, training and household consumer industries.
    I do give talks on career development and keeping one self current and up to date, irrespective of the economic and political climate in Singapore
    I am now actively self employed doing what I like doing. It is not so much the money, now, but to usefully and creatively using the time that God has graciously given to me.
    I am prepared and willing to give talks and motivate such people to find themselves. I do not think that I can be a counsellor but more to act as a catalyst for such people.
    You may call me at 90613129 so that I can share my ideas with you.
    Thnk you

    Edwin Tan

  2. Business owners and managers should view the need to negotiate
    effectively as mandatory.

  3. iluvbakkua says:

    Unless 1 of your “goals in life” is to get a degree or you already having long career in gov sector and looking to move up otherwise I will say don’t bother a degree is useless.

    At your current age 30+ by the time you graduate assume part time course will be in your late 30′s or early 40′s which company want to hire and pay you high salary to do a young man’s job? Think for yourself you know this is true and if you don’t believe it read all the cases in this forum almost all are jobless in their 40′s.

    I don’t have a degree but a lot of my friends do and all of them after laid off are unable to get a job in same industry that tells me this is not about qualification it’s about age and cheap referring to how much pay you want. All the hiring companies that say they want degree are all talking BS.

    The only way is to prepare and stay nimble, like keeping your costs down don’t get tied down with huge financial burdens, one day you are high flying but the next day you could be down. I prepared mentally for about 10 years.

  4. CY says:

    I agree with iluvbakkua.
    Please pardon my bluntness, but most of those private degree are seen as inferior degree, or worse degree mill.
    If you really want use academic as a leverage, you must go for highly recognised ones. Most of these are difficult to get in or difficult to pass.
    I have seen too many in the 40s got retrenched, other key reason is that they lack of skills. Many I seen had been “bluffing” their way through their career, and soneone younger yet stronger came about. Dont dream that business owners dont know who are capable and who are smokers.
    What I am trying to get at is that is always about about competency. Something in modern society employees seem to always lack.
    I seen people at their 50s find job easily, because they are really good at what they does for a living. Don’t victimise corporate and blame age. Age might put you at disadvantage, but not cripple you in seeking employment. Is simple math, I pay you 10k, I expect 10k value or more. You cant expect me pay you 10k, when I can replace your contribution with a 3k worth person. If business don’t do that, it will die off.

  5. xyz says:

    Singapore (and many other countries) have very ageist companies & HR policies. I can tell you for a fact that 80% of the time, companies prefer to hire & pay a 25-yr-old $3000/mth instead of a 40-yr-old @ $2500/mth for the same skill sets/job scope.

    This is why many 35++ PMEs find it very difficult to get re-hired for same pay or even with substantial pay-cut. Unless you have strong network connections and/or have very strong track record.

    The difference between S’pore & other developed countries is that those developed countries have strong employment laws to protect against ageism and discrimination.

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