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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Malay diploma holder working as a secretary finding it difficult to make ends meet

Dear Gilbert,

I heard about you from my friend who tells me that you are a labour activist representing the downtrodden in Singapore.

Would just like to share with you my experience. I have a diploma from Republic Polytechnic and have been working for some years now as an secretary. Even though my salary has risen in the past few years, I am finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the costs of living.

For example, my increment last year was $80 (about 3.5%) but the costs of food court near my workplace in CBD has grown way more. A set meal for example has risen from $3.90 to $5.00. What is more worrying is that I have just gotten engaged with my finance and I do not look at the future with optimism.

My brother has told me about how his IT company has hired so many foreigners on S-pass for $2500 which is even higher that what I am earning. And the thing is that this is very cheap considered to locals whose pay is about $3.5 to $4k working as a IT engineer.

I am worried that someone may steal my job in the near future.

I am also about to get married soon and did a simple cost calculation that we need about $1.5k a month at least for payment for loans taken out for a simple wedding, 5 day honeymoon to Bali, and furniture. Also, our monthly mortgage will cost us at least $1.2k in CPF for a new HDB.

After spending $550 for food, transport and groceries, $300 for general maintenance, and giving $400 to my aged parents and school going siblings, I find that I do not have enough money left.

The reality today is that costs of living is really affecting the middle-class like myself. Sigh.

Good luck for the upcoming elections as we need more people like you who has walked the ground to speak up for us in Parliament.



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4 Responses to “Malay diploma holder working as a secretary finding it difficult to make ends meet”

  1. J Y says:

    It would be even worse for those people with low income. That’s why the govt introduce workfare income supplement(WIS), which is paid in both cash and CPF. I hope that the govt will give WIS to all sg employees with low income. Now, only those above 35 yrs old can get it. However, our Gini coef is still very high even with the grants available. The onus is to increase the salary at the bottom 20%.

  2. SG BUZZ says:

    Don’t go for honeymoon, If You can’t afford. When You are a Kucing Kurap, don’t spend like the rich.

  3. NYNY says:

    If your father is poor,it is your fate…. but,if your father-in-law is poor, it’s your stupidity!!!
    :) :)
    Think twice before marrying. Its the easiest way out of your predicament

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