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Sunday January 21st 2018

Singaporean working in digital tech MNC supports foreign influx

I think it depends on the industry you are in, not every industry is like that.

I am a Singaporean, working for a Western company in the digital tech industry.

In our industry, there are not many contract jobs, most are permanent basis. There’s a lot of locals and fresh grads being hired at somewhat comfortable salary range.

Some are thriving and there’s even a shortage of local talents with relevant experience, thus causing these companies to look at FTs. In general, there are a lot of opportunities in our line and its a good mixture of locals and FTs.

Most of the foreign companies are here not because they want to do business in Singapore only (too tiny, cannot sustain). They are here because they see Singapore as a good APAC/SEA base to do business regionally or in Asia as whole.

Thus, its impossible not to have FTs here, unless there’s no foreign investment. In a way, our prosperity has benefited many of them, but without foreign investment, Singapore cannot prosper. There are pros and cons.

While appropriate government intervention is crucial, they cannot control everything and make things perfect.

I think for big MNCs, especially in traditional industries like banking, finance, IT, there are too many hierarchy and loopholes, things are more rigid and roles can be vey niche.

So if you are applying for such roles, you can be sure the competition for that role or salary will be huge due to the international corporate culture (and politics). Maybe the government can find ways to intervene in certain sectors but I doubt so, it’s difficult and many things are at stake.

The hierarchy structure in most tech companies are much flatter.

There are not many giant-type MNCs, most are startups or mid-large size. Thus roles are much broader and skills/experience are more transferrable.

Locals are hired not just based on experience, but also because of our strong bilingualism, good general knowledge and adaptability to people/cultures in the region, able to work and communicate with them (Singaporeans are quite well-travelled as compared to some of our neighbours).

These are just some of the things I’ve observed.

From this viewpoint, I think we need to see what are the market demands, what is our competitive advantage and how we can harness it.

Times and economics are changing. If you are finding hard to compete in a particular sector or role, maybe you should look a more promising one where you stand a good chance to compete.

You might need to do some research or homework on this.

By the way, I also think most SMEs are supportive of hiring locals, except for some black sheeps who want to hire foreigners for cheap, but we can always report to MOM or choose to leave for another SME, it’s like we are not lacking of it.

SMEs don’t necessarily offer low pay, it might even pay better than MNCs depending on industry, so need to open to more options.


Editor’s note: This article is extracted from a comment posted here.

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  1. sal says:

    @ Genesis, if there’s no local guys willing to do the jobs, it is ok to employ foreigners in the position….local first policies.

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