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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Problems of our job market: Pro-employer, ageism and contractual employment

The current government has not done enough to move ahead as a real fair employment country and protect our local employees.

It is still very pro-employer market as a developed nation.

These are happening in my companies:

1. Prefer foreigners to do simple administrative jobs where we received so many good local resumes. Why issue work pass when they are locals to do it?

2. Make job scope difficult so that older staffs are being forced to resign on their own. Older workers have no choice to be compensated by the contractual one-month notice and left – jobless for months and even years.

Even government offices and agencies are giving priority to younger staff. They cited job incompetency etc.

Once a hiring manager asked: you are over 50, how often you see doctor? Any medical issues?

Are you parents still living? If so, how often you have to stay at home and look after them?

Ageism is an issue.

They fire PMEs at contract of will by giving the contractual notice. Government should protect and legislate proper process but we are not well protected… our labour law is still ways in the region despite recent minimal changes.

Once a 50-year-old PME mentioned that he does not mind lowering from the director level to manager rank and even an ordinary staff position.

Monthly salary of $15k to $5k or less drop in the salary to have a job with his or her experience.

Hiring manager cited mismatch of competency level.

Ageism is the real concern.


Editor’s note: This article is extracted from a comment posted here.

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  1. sal says:

    We need an independent union chief not under ntuc, as ntuc is affiliated with pap (the party that govern the city). As long the systems unchange, Sporeans will be working like slave.

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