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Friday January 25th 2019

Lady PMET with first class honours jobless and asking for more labour protection

I am a Singaporean degree holder who has graduated with first class honours from an established university. I even got a first position in my whole entire class for my thesis.

My CV is pretty ‘attractive’, according to the interviewers at the interviews I’ve attended, coupled with the 3 years of working experiences I have in the same industry.

However, till now, I am jobless despite applying to everything, even to jobs outside of my industry. You know why? The reason is simple – FTs are spoiling the market.

I was feeling really depressed when I couldn’t get anything.

So I went to Jobstreet and applied for the jobs there. Good thing about the site is you can actually see who else applied to the same job as you and what industry they come from, as well as the pay they are asking for.

To my dismay, I see 13 foreigners who have higher qualifications applying for the same job – a job that is willing to pay SGD $2,500 to 4,000.

Out of curiosity, I went to check it out. Guess what? All 13 of them are Masters holder and they are asking for WAY LOWER pay than me. I don’t mean $200-300 lower or anything like it.

One of them is a fresh grad with Masters and he/she is asking for RMB 3,500. That is only SGD $1,200+, mind you! Absurd right? That’s even lower than an ITE graduate’s pay.

Another one of them who has a Masters and 10 years of experience is only asking for SGD 2,500, which is the minimum that the job is paying for.

If these people are not spoiling the market, then I don’t know what else they are doing.

And it’s times like this that you start to doubt the credibility of their academic papers.

Because if they are indeed holding onto degree certs from credible institutions – ones whose school fees are expensive – they wouldn’t even be asking for these amount of pay. You don’t need to be genius to figure this out; it’s just common sense.

So @Just A Guy, perhaps you don’t feel it because you are not born here.

But let me tell you, for Singapore citizens who were born and lived here their whole entire lives, listening to their parents and teachers who tell them that if they study hard and get good results, they would get a good job and earn a lot of money, they would feel incredibly disappointed and letdown by Singapore’s current system.

And most importantly, they would actually be dismayed by the government’s lack of interest in protecting the citizens over the foreigners.

As a PRC, I’m sure you are currently enjoying life with a well-paying job – one that pays way better than what your home country has to offer.

Put yourself in our shoes before you post such a lengthy post because you do not understand our situation here.


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10 Responses to “Lady PMET with first class honours jobless and asking for more labour protection”

  1. Mercury Mockingjay says:

    I am sorry to read of your situation, Jes. It is unfortunate that our MOM’s liberal and permissive policies have had such a negative impact. You are not the only Singaporean with a good, recognised degree that is jobless. As FT HR Managers hire their own kind from their own country, and the Job Bank’s loopholes are known even to the Ministers who even admitted they know there are loopholes, there is only 1 thing left to do – VOTE MORE OPPOSITION into parliament. This is the only choice we have. Regardless of which party, as long as they have an alternative voice, please do not make the same mistake and vote in the ruling party again. They don’t care about us.. they never have.

  2. helpless says:

    It ever crossed my mind to apply for some labour protection because I don’t feel secure about my current position.

    My department head is a PRC turned Singapore citizen many years ago.
    And it is obvious that he has certain preferences.
    The key positions are held by people of his own kind (i.e PRC).
    Promotions and awards tend to be given to the same group of people without clear understanding why these people keep getting rewards. There are others who are equally deserving.

    I am not interested in the office politics and is dutifully doing my work.
    And because of this non-participation in office politics, I can’t help but to feel insecure about my position. It is a matter of time he will try to remove me.

    And of course, from the HR or government point of view, I am sure they viewed there is nothing wrong. After all, he is a Singaporean…

  3. Grace says:

    I’m also equally appalled at the LOW LOW salaries foreigners are accepting for jobs that are meant for graduates!!! It’s totally INSANE!! Singapore really needs two things:

    1. a MINIMUM WAGE to protect Singaporeans.

    2. HIGHER PAY overall! It’s insane that we earn LESS than other developed countries, but pay many times MORE for housing and cars! We are the MOST EXPENSIVE city in the world and our salaries do NOT reflect that – shameful and sad!!

    - See more at:

  4. W says:

    i graduated from a local university and my career path is somewhat similar as the author. It took me 1yr and 1 mth before i got my first job at a mnc for $1800. Median pay for grad few yrs ago was 3300 and im only asking for 2600. Needless to say, in the mnc, senior staff are FT and support staff local because they need the locals to meet quota to hire FT.

    What made me more upset is that, we locals not are filled in lower jobs and very often they dont offer full time positions to us. Locals are treated like second class citizens, contractors. I was upset why FT are given full time roles and locals contract roles and THERE IS NOTHING THAT THE GOV IS DOING TO RESOLVE this problem

    My second job was also in a mnc, same case FT senior mgt, and me as a local still being put on a support staff position and again I WAS PUT ON CONTRACT again. And after 2 years they told me they dont want me anymore because of reorganisation. Therefore as a non full time stuff, there is no retrenchment package. Previously when the company restructure, the FT were given job placement internally either in another dept or in their home country. When it comes to me, i was just told “sorry, we cant hold you anymore due to change in mgt”

    I had since been looking for a role for more than 18 mth and to no avail. Be it within the same or outside the industry, i dont seem to be able to get anything.

    I wrote in to mom and they say its my cv problem when i had already engaged professional consultant to advise on my current problem therefore im not convinced by them. They say they helped me contact some of the employers which i applied for in sg job bank then the HR told them “yes, we received and reviewed the cv and we find the cv interesting and suitable. However, we are not considering him for this position now but we will keep his cv should there be a suitable position”

    When mom told me this, i was upset it is just a gracious way of saying sorry we are not shortlisting him but the mom staff still take it very positively believeing that they will really keep my profile in their mind.

    I looked through the jd n the required exp, i think i am of a gd match but im not even been even shortlisted at all and there is nothing mom can do to help a poor sg local like me

    In their email to me when i question them on the minister saying to develop a sg core workforce and sg job bank, jobs for sg local (priority). Their response is like a copy from somewhere FAQ answer quoting that sg job bank is only a channel for prospective employers to advertise to sg local but they cant force them to hire from candidates that apply via the job bank

    I feel that such statements are just telling me that the existing of the job bank is redundant. I can go jobstreet or orther sites and i still meet with the same competition. There is no advantage at all

    Im very upset about the situation but there is nothing i can do about it. I feel sour when the news keep reporting low unemployment rate, tight labour market and seeing FT are earning salary, bring their whole family to sg etc when i cant even support myself or make a living in sg as a local

    • Atom Thomas says:

      Guys —- sorry about your employment problems. The root of the problem is a promiscuous gov’t. Vote out the miw, guys. And while I’m here, I’m suggesting that you tell as many people as possible. This GE, get things done right. Otherwise, the CECA will be in effect soon which means even more employment challenges.

  5. 1mdb says:

    My situation likewise but as I guy I can drive taxi. Enough is enough!

  6. Omg teong hoon says:

    A friend May be able to help.
    Can ask her to email her cv to me ?

  7. sam says:

    Kanna retrenched in June. Went for an interview, haircut of my last pay by almost 40%. Am still considering. Seems like companies has no lack of labour sources.

    Bullshit of all my experience .. Money is the most impt consideration to companies.

    What is the govt doing? Nothing …

  8. nonosense says:

    if you are not willing to start low, and prove your worth and then ask for more pay… then it’s your arrogance that is holding you back from getting employed.
    i would hire a foreigner who is willing to work harder for less than a singaporean who compares and complains

  9. J See says:

    I worked in a MNC for several years. I see many foreign employees who requested to be transferred to the Singapore office and it was easy peasy. Particularly so in the IT industry, it did not help that most hiring managers are foreigners. As soon as a position becomes available, it gets filled by a foreigner — someone from their home country.

    I often asked myself, do these foreign “talents” really have the specialized skills, as they claimed. Maybe there are some exceptional few but my experience is most of them are only mediocre at best. Surely, there are more competent Singaporeans who are more qualified and deserving to do what they do.

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