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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Whistle blower to Prime Minister: “Please look into Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) illicit operations!”

Dear Prime Minister,

Singapore being the best sea port in South East Asia has make me felt very proud to be involved in the marine industry.

But when His Excellency, President Obama, skipped Singapore on his South East Asia tour I felt that something must be terribly wrong.

Did Mr Obama intentionally not visit us for the bad service Singapore had provided to them when the US Navy’s crafts called at our port?

Everybody knows that the company that was supplying fuel to all US ships in our port is in big trouble with the law now.

But, how can this kind of overcharging  fraud happened under the nose of our Port Authority?

The MPA’s Operational Dept should be fully responsible for the years of misappropriation and all senior officers in MPA’s Operational Dept must be answerable to it.

Your Honour I hope the ties are back to normal now that your Honour had respectfully paid His Excellency a courtesy call and I hope that the US vessels will frequent our port again in a short time to come.

Your Honour, I am a ‘nobody’ to give this kind of comment but I am in this industry long enough to witness certain things which are beyond words.

The MPA has also to my knowledge given unexplained extension to certain companies whose vessels are way passed their operating time, seaworthiness, to still operate in our congested port.

The International Maritime Organisation has not recommended the vessels to be used for safety reasons.

But when others’ vessels  reached 25 years old, their Harbour Craft Licence were immediately revoked by the MPA’s Licensing Dept.

Another point to note is that the MPA gave certain companies’ vessels to come into our port even though they do not have any valid permits to do so and I have complained to them of this obvious double standard.

The reason I received was that it was the Port Master’s discretion to allow them to come in and it’s  directly from his mouth!

My question is – what if the Port Master is corrupt and only takes care of his circle of shipowners?

Your Honour, please look into the operation of our MPA for its reliability and fairness for the good name of our country, Singapore.

Thank You.

Yours faithfully,


Editor’s note: This email was sent to the PMO in June 2014.

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One Response to “Whistle blower to Prime Minister: “Please look into Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) illicit operations!””

  1. kelly says:

    Date it occurred? Vessel number in which waters or at which port?

    misappropriation of what monies, when and where?

    Have a feeling that this matter would be glossed over…how come no police report made?

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