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Saturday January 26th 2019

Request for assistance for cardboard collector in her 70s staying at Veerasamy Road

Dear Gilbert,

Good Day to you.

I am writing in to seek assistance for a 70+ widowed old granny who struggles for her daily meal.

Ah Mah stays at VeerasamyRoad  in a 3-room HDB flat.

She’s the flat ownership and currently staying with her PRC daughter-in-law (unofficially married) , 2 grand children – a boy and a girl.

One of her room was rented out to collect rental to pay SP bills and grandchild’s expenses. PRC lady didn’t gave a single cent to Ah Mah from room rental.

PRC lady works on a part-time job.

Old granny doesn’t know her actual employment as they weren’t on good terms for many years.

Ah Mah actually had a son in his 40s but he passed away 8 years ago.

She didn’t shared much on his death. When her son died, his CPF  was inherited by PRC lady.

Granny has no income or pocket money after his son’s death.

Every morning, she wakes up around 5.45am pushing her big trolley going around back lane trash bin to look for cardboards, soft drink cans and e-waste to sell it for cash to buy her daily meals.

Sometimes, she makes a few dollars or even penniless. Neighbors sometimes buy her meals.

I have donated canned foods, white rices to her 2 months ago. I also understand from my neighbor that PRC lady is a wicked lady in her 30s.

She even threw away some of the Ah Mah food stuff in the fridge. Actually, any stuff in the house belongs to Ah Mah. PRC lady has no right to discard. I donated a 16″ table fan to Ah Mah few months ago.

She told me her table fan was gone. She suspected that wicked woman could have thrown or given it away.

Neighbors kept asking Ah Mah why is she granting the wicked lady to stay together since she’ has no respect for her. Ah Mah pampered her grand children so much because she missed her dead son.

Ah Mah has joint problems and high blood too. She took medication on high BP.

Her medical expense was paid by her uncle (her deceased husband’s younger brother)

Several times, the PRC lady has arranged property agent and urged her to sign transfer of flat ownership.

Ah mah is smart enough and didn’t do so otherwise that wicked lady will kick or thrown Ah mah out of her flats.

Old granny bought instant noodles for her meals when she makes small pocket money from cardboard collection.

Gilbert, I sincerely hope you and your team could help and provide granny with daily meals.

May God Bless.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Editor’s note: we are trying to establish if we can connect with the cardboard collector directly. If you spot the Ah Mah collecting cardboard in your area, please let us know.

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4 Responses to “Request for assistance for cardboard collector in her 70s staying at Veerasamy Road”

  1. J Y says:

    Since her son’s death, how can the PRC lady continue to live in SG? They were also not officially married with 2 kids, so who is sponsoring her stay in SG? Is she staying here illegally? Does the granny has other children or relatives to turn to? Has she seek out her MP for assistance? In the first place, why the son liked this “bad” PRC lady when she is so bad towards his mother?

    It is hard to live together as a 3G family under one roof. Nowadays, many young couples prefer not to live with parents. Even the old folks also prefer not to live with their children or grandchilren. Everyone prefers their own space.

  2. sal says:

    I tot one of the ministers said that these group of cardboard collectors just do it for exercise.

  3. HuiTan says:

    If I am “ah mah”…

    I would kick that prc wicked lady out with the kids (dun worry, kids sure got care from someone one, who knows, maybe kids not even ah mah’s son’s).

    Rent the other rooms out to collect rent. .
    Win, win for me!!!

  4. I doubt says:

    Trust me, no one will do anything about it

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