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Sunday January 14th 2018

Jobless Singaporean woman made a false police report and was threatened in the interrogation room

Hi Gilbert,

I have been seeking and asking around for advice but no one can help me.

My story is very long but I will just summarised it.

Last year I made a police report about a service provider technician asking money from my sister for installation but the installation was FOC.

I complained to the service provider and they ask me to make a police report. If I know  the trouble I would get myself into I would not have made the report!!!

I went together with my sister and we lied to the police that after the technician left my house something was missing.

Before Chinese new year this year, I was called by ASP Sam to go to my nearby NPP to resolve this case.

My sister went into the interview room first with ASP Sam alone without a female officer even though I told him my sister was not comfortable with a stranger alone but  she went anyway and came out about two hours later.

Then it was my turn and I also went in without a female officer. The later part of the interview ASP Sam banged the table loudly and shouted at me saying all the report was fake. I was a stroke patient before and on medications.

I was in a shocked state and signed the report that he guided me to answer which was untrue.

And he did not give us any of the copy. He said that the report will be submitted to court and I will be charged for lying.

I left the interview room in a shakened state and crying.

My sister quickly called my dad and when my dad confronted him he nearly wanted to beat my dad up who is an old man.

When I went home I got a bad headache feeling frightened and shakened up.

I went around asking free legal aid but they say they could not help me.

I went to another police station and a officer told me that this is a small matter and that I will be let off with a verbal warning and not to do it again.

Then after that I wrote in to say I wish to close the case. But have yet to hear from them.

Another officer later called to insist that I have to go down.  I told them no because I do not want to be put through the whole trying episode again!

Then the officer threaten and scare me saying that if they call me and I do not go down they will sent me a letter.

If after sending me the letter I still do no go down they will come to my house and handcuff me?!

What serious crime  have I commit?

Why scare and frighten me like that?

Last week another officer called me to ask if I wish to add on anything regarding the case. I told him I will not go down to put myself at risk that I be shouted and officer banging the table again?!

He say my case will be submitted to what chambers and further details of the outcome they will let me know.

I regretted that in a moment of folly I did that. And now I’m so worried. My mum is also worried but I told her everyting is ok.

I hope to end this once and for all peacefully.

I am very stressed up now. Jobless for a month. No income plus all the  bills and  need to buy medications. And not much savings left in my bank.

Now I just hope to settle this asap. Find a job, be more careful in future.

Gilbert, I hope there is someone out there who can help me. But I do not have the means to get a lawyer.

I am sorry for the long story and sincerely thank you for the time to read this.

Please let me know the advice if you can. And who can I seek help if necessary.

Thank you and God bless you.


Editor’s note: we have submitted the mail to our legal counsel for advice.

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3 Responses to “Jobless Singaporean woman made a false police report and was threatened in the interrogation room”

  1. scared_shitless_Stinkaporeans says:

    This shows Stinkaporeans easily scared shitless just by some shouting and banging tables because too comfortable and never exposed to real world.

    Some more want to act cool by making complaints but no guts to follow through. That’s why Lau Lee so easily bully Stinkaporeans and call them “Daft”. Hahhaa, they are really Daft.

  2. Timothy says:

    In the first place, don’t lie when making police report. Filing a false police report amounts to felony or misdemeanor. For free lawyer advice, nowadays there are free legal counselling run by volunteer lawyers. Kathy, you may want to as the CC around where you stay regarding this free service. Perhaps you can get help this way.

  3. Mosh says:

    You already admitted that you lie and that alone is a waste of police investigation time and tax payers money.

    I am sure you read in newspapers of false rape allegations and how the innocent suspect are being put through. Is this the same as to what you want the technician to be put through?

    1) You said that the officer guided you through the report which is not true. But you did not explain to us what is it that is not true. The only valid reason I can think is that he made you admit that you lied about missing items (which was your intention anyway)?

    2) You claimed that he wanted to beat up your father. So why did you not make a police report since this time you are telling the truth?

    3) The police that you said threaten to send you a letter is not threatening you. He is saying a fact. But you did not explain if the going to jail part is your views or the police also.

    4) In any case it is no longer up to you to decide to close the case other than the judicial process or the innocent victim, in this case the technician.

    5) The lesson learned here is don’t be a typical Singaporean, always wanting to complain to the police for minor issues. Things like this could have been solved if you complain to CASE or the company that the technician works for.

    Good luck, you need plenty of it.

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