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Friday January 19th 2018

26-year-old matured student works in Macdonald earning $5.50/hour and facing pressure to support aging parents

Hi Gilbert,

My name is Kumar. I have recently been facing some major employment and financial troubles and was directed to seek you out for help in this matter.

I’m not sure if you’re able to actually help me in my predicament or not but I found this e-mail on your website. Hence, I’m contacting you here.

Anyway, my current situation as it stands is that I will be turning 26 in August and am currently doing a Diploma course at a private school (PSB Academy to be precise) as a full-time student while working a part-time job at McDonald’s, earning $5.50 an hour as a service crew member.

However, the issue I have is that my parents, over the course of a few months, have been increasingly forcing me to pay for my school fees (which costs about over $1000 per 2 modules), phone bills, food expense and transport expense, all this while I am contributing $100 a month for utility bills just to stay at their home.

They have repeatedly made multiple compromises with me and changed them abruptly over the span of a few months.

Currently, my parents have admitted to me that they, at some point probably this year, want me to live on my own and pay for my own rent and, when they hit retirement age, pay for their expenses too.

They’ve even once threatened to bring me to the family court to force me to provide them a monthly allowance.

Anyway, my issue is that I don’t have much skills to offer to anyone and I’m in need to get a better-paying job.

Nothing too big but maybe about $7 an hour would be fair enough as it is. I’m not too sure about whether a $7/hour job can help with my studies or not but the issues I also face is my age too.

These issues and stress from school have also taken its toll on me.

Even I’ve been working less and less the past few months due to feelings of withdrawal. I’ve even attempted to hunt jobs too for the past few months but so far, no replies.

So anyway, if it would help, I have certificates in HD Digital Filmmaking, Basic Photography and Business Management and I’m currently doing my Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

But this is all I have and know. So I hope you guys can help me in getting a better-paying job so that I can cover for all these expenses.



Editor’s note: we have seen the writer and will look out for suitable jobs for him.

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2 Responses to “26-year-old matured student works in Macdonald earning $5.50/hour and facing pressure to support aging parents”

  1. 26 still depend on parent? says:

    I don’t understand why 26yr old still need to depend on parent???

  2. sal says:

    @26, maybe youre from rich family background. And this guy is a slow achiever, not like you.

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