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Thursday February 7th 2019

Local PMET in IT sector laid off and currently facing financial difficulties

Hi Gilbert,

My Name is George, I have a diploma in Information Technology and more than ten years of working experience in this sector.

My last position was with ABC PTE LTD as a Technical Support Engineer with monthly salary of $2300 per month which was between May 2014 to Feb 2015.

The initial salary was $3500 but it was readjusted due to company’s financial constraint. The Company eventually had to downsize  and I was laid off in Feb 2015.

From the month of March to May, I have very limited job opportunities.

From the middle of month of June, however, there seem to be rise in number of job opportunities,

I am in the process of attending several interviews. Some of the interviews,which I was attending, were banking/financial institutions and large MNC’s.

I am confident,that I will most likely find employment soon.

Unfortunately, my cash reserve is totally depleted.

I am currently cash-strapped. I do need some money for me to pay the bills, as well as for work-related expenses.

Even If I get a job, the salary would be at the end of the month.

If you can suggest where I can get some small loan,with monthly instalment payments,it will be much appreciated.

I am seeking around $1000 loan or lesser. I am a joint owner of 3-room flat in Queenstown , which is fully paid and worth about $350k.

I have included my resume, testimonials, payslip,national service cert and etc for your reference.

I have no one,else to turn to,I hope you will provide me the relevant assistance.



Editor’s note: we have forwarded the writer’s resume to a IT company for their consideration.

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