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Wednesday January 30th 2019

44-year-old MOE-trained local PMET terminated by employer without assistance by TAFEP/MOM

Dear Gilbert

I am grateful to Richard for providing the linkage. I went to your website – was very touched by the people you helped.

I am 44, a trained former MOE teacher. I have  since taught in X and a few other private schools.

I have stayed in a private school, ABC International teaching mainly PRC students for about four years.

Later I moved on to XYZ School thinking it was much the same since it is also a private school.

There, I faced lots of problems with the HOD of English who felt threatened by the fact that I was also NIE-trained and experienced like herself.

Many of the older staff were untrained or foreign-trained.

Since then she has made life very difficult for me and has criticized me unfairly.

Things came to a head when they ‘terminated’ my two-year contract in February this year and I was served with a three-month notice.

I attempted to seek redress with TAFEP and MOM but they told me that employers generally had a right to terminate when they see fit.

I accepted my ‘fate’ and ventured out by applying to lots of many other different positions.

I was sending in at least 20 applications via Jobstreet, JobsDB,, Jobsbank.

I am fortunate to be offered a full-time position at an enrichment centre teaching creative writing and I also fill in the other hours during the day with relief teaching as well as teaching classes at night.

I know that I should be grateful and I am.

However I would like to seek a full-time position that offers me regular hours as this enrichment centre requires me to work full day on Sat and Sun and that’s eating up my family time as I have two young kids.

I am attaching my resume for your kind perusal.

I am an active job seeker and I would always use the internet to search actively. I understand that it is a numbers’ game out there for job seekers.

A few days’ back my husband was also served with a one-month notice at his workplace.

I am also helping him to apply for different jobs. He is in Logistics/Supply Chain and Shipping. I attach his resume as well.

I am so grateful for your kind assistance in this matter.



Editor’s note: we will keep a look out for suitable jobs for the writer.

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