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Saturday January 26th 2019

Singaporean manager fighting hard to save jobs for local PMETs in the IT industry

Hi Gilbert,

First and foremost, thank you for organizing these Singapore First initiatives. As a Singaporean, I feel proud that we have an avenue to care for and to protect our fellow citizens.

I am currently leading IT for a logistics company, this is a mid-size firm with global presence. As you would probably know, IT is easily outsourced, I fought hard to have the company change its view on the importance of IT to be based in Singapore.

As of now, I have several teams under my care, these are staffed by a mixture of Singaporeans and foreigners.

Personally, I have always placed Singaporeans as a priority, not because I am a fellow countryman, but rather, I see in ourselves people who are dedicated, hardworking and most importantly, invested in the place we call home.

However, for the past years, I have not been able to hire more Singaporeans as I see an increasing trend in (especially) younger applicants to reject commitment to off-office hours support (this is a norm for IT as we have to at times support issues on the other side of the world), working on Saturdays (half day), etc.

On the other hand, I see hordes of foreigners who are more than willing to commit themselves.

I have really no choice but to take a few foreigners to fill the vacancies though this had never been my first choice. Despite all these, I still believe strongly that I can still achieve my goal of hiring more Singaporeans with the right matching.

I am not sure if I can contribute to your effort to help fellow Singaporeans by offering suitably skilled ones with some opportunities to rejoin the work force.

To be frank, I am fine with candidates who are in the 40s too as long as they are committed and qualified.

Please let me know if you think this is a workable idea, I will be glad to work out a plan with you.

Once again, thank you for the effort!



Editor’s note: If you are keen to work in the IT industry, please email We will forward your resume to the person in charge. Singaporeans helping Singaporeans.

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One Response to “Singaporean manager fighting hard to save jobs for local PMETs in the IT industry”

  1. GTL says:

    Thank you Tay for sharing with us.

    Below my thoughts:

    Years of world-class education system not only enable Singaporean more intellectually advanced but also our expectations on culture and personal wellbeing.

    Many leading first world nations have powerful unions in balancing this part of the equation influencing regulation to change, educate business the reality and workers on their rights.

    It is amazingly impressive that it takes SG50 for the relevant government agencies to advertise more aggressively on the worker’s right to a grossly outdated benefits of 7-days annual leave and 14-days sick leave on 44-hrs work week.

    Long-hour working is absolutely unhealthy to the development of advanced nation. We have first world nation, first world citizen employees that looking at first world balance to our work and social life. But we do not have that many first world business culture as regulation does not want to interfere this part and choose to leave it to supply/demamd to work on its own. Yet on the supply part, our government is very keen to allow hungry foreign workers or professionals to enter and compete with locals who have different expectations.

    What the IT company need to do is to change the business culture to enable more flexi work hour to respond to out-of-office hours needs. If changing expectations of workers are not easy, I too do not see that business will change their thinking/culture. The most easy way is for business to get hungry foreigners coming here for better life compared to their home. Or far more simpler to outsource operation to 3rd world countries to do remote assess on IT related matters, which is common and frustrating for your customers.

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