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Friday January 25th 2019

Singaporean retiree invests in NGO start-ups and urge jobless PMETs to venture abroad for work opportunities

Dear Gilbert,

Most of us have suffered periods of job seeking that run into months and even years.  It can be discouraging and even depressing.

As Internet helps us to reach across the globe, I will recommend that encourage job seekers to use their time to be involved in worldwide NGO work.

It can be very therapeutic and  may also lead to getting them employment if  they tell others they are helping NGOs while  awaiting full-time employment.

There are thousands of NGOs including some lesser known ones.  Here is one:  Trees for the Future

Another one is Solar Sister:

One way is for your website to provide links to many NGOs…both in Singapore and worldwide.

Write to these NGOs that is supporting them via your website.  Also the job-seekers may wish to do part or full-time work for them.

I invest into two very promising start-ups in USA that is moving to success.¬† The investment advisor pays 5% for Finder’s Fee for funds raised.

All it takes is to be involved, be knowledgeable of the investment and be your own part-time fund raiser.

I am retired from my career but am very active in international start-up and my own TV company.

In addition, I am actively researching into a host of Green Technology, Agroforestory, Agriculture, etc.  In doing so I come across many interesting websites and opportunities.

I find new contacts and some are experts or Professors.  I can bring the world into my home via Internet.

Sparknews was on a multi-page supplement on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  I find many interesting inventions that are low cost and practical.

I wonder how many job seekers see ideas from them, investigate, connect and get involved.   Some can even start a business with those ideas.

Singapore is too small a place to find work that suits everyone.

The influx of foreign workers that competes with PMET does not help and has become a political hot-potato.¬†¬† But Singaporeans cannot sit and wait for government policies to change….it takes too long and may not reverse the trend.

I travel a lot and noticed that many people flock to UAE for work.  95% are foreign workers and they apply via Internet.  Why not Singaporeans?  It may not suit everyone and many may not wish to leave Singapore.

However, Singaporeans have the same qualifications and talents as many others.  Language-wise, Singaporeans speak sufficiently well in English.

It is up to each individual to decide how to use his time.  But being engrossed with a passion or pursuit will inject a lot of zest into their lives.


Best Regards

Eddie Leong,  Co-Founder,  M24 TV
Consultant, Tokyo Associates

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