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Saturday January 26th 2019

Singaporean forced to leave company staffed by 90% foreigners and face legal action for breach of contract

Dear Mr Goh,

My name is Johnny.

I’m having a dispute at the moment with my employer regarding my training bond agreement which I have to pay when I breached the contract. Mr Chandra, my neighbour has recommended me to you.

I recently made the decision to leave because I was forced to.

It all started when I had a Italian manager from England. He had so many problems with us and the team can’t take it.

As I was there on my assignment, I reached out to my ops manager and ops executive for advice.

After hearing me out, they asked me to write a letter and get people who agree to sign and then submit it to the management. In the end, I’m punished for doing that and my ops manager has since return to England.

90% of my head office are all foreigners.

They work together as a “team” and are trying to break our rice bowl. I was eventually given an option to leave if I felt that the company is not suitable for me or stay and prove that I can deliver.

This was delivered to me by my Taiwanese ops manager.

After considering for a month, I decided to take my leave but I won’t pay a single cent for my bond.

The level of stress and depression they have given me because of this is not worth it. Till today, they still say that I have to answer to my wrong doing.

But I was advised wrongly – by a management member – should I be punished for it?

Now I understand that they want to take legal action against me. I will need to seek legal advice too.

Please help and advice me.

Yours sincerely,


Editor’s note: we have forwarded the mail to our legal advisor. Note also that the middle management jobs all go to foreigners. If you do not want your children to work under foreign imports, you know what to do during the next election.

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