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Thursday January 24th 2019

Reader advocating for our jobless PMETs to job search abroad

Hi Gilbert,

My mind was seriously disturbed by the many stories on your blog affecting the local Singaporeans, especially those who have been unemployed for two years but still chose to stay on and try.

I read before that the Singaporean government is supposedly ‘offloading less capable Singaporeans into JB’.

We should stop ourselves (our prejudices, face) from falling for this propaganda. Why don’t some of these readers search for employment in surrounding South east Asian countries – Malaysia and Indonesia?

Your graduates and citizens are competent, and have been pushed out due to lower labour costs.

So pack up and get a more balanced life, in the same industry as the one you left in Singapore.

No doubt it pays less due to the currency exchange, but the cost of living is less and the mental stress is not common. I think living a life with such high levels of depression in society is not a life you want.

It’s not a competition to be the best against foreigners, an idea that is flawed in itself because you know they are xxxxx, and they are cheap. Such employment practices are going to cause the eventual downfall of all these corporations.

Opportunities are abundant in Malaysia. For example, companies in the semiconductor industry do real development work, on IC design, layout, physical design, STA, software development, firmware and BIOS development, etc.

Due to the lack of such skillsets, companies hire the same set of employees (even when they change jobs, it’s going to be the same pool of employees that they can hire). And they are all MNCs, not SMEs.

It’s much better for a Singaporean to come here and do this work than say, that case of a 51-year old contemplating to be a security guard.

I think the local managers here are very ready to hire foreigners, as I mentioned about the few international permanent staff that I’ve met.

Companies here are not all miscreant and laidback.

You can find meaningful and desirable work relevant to specialized PhDs and so on here.

We have not been in a foreign hiring frenzy as yet, because our salaries are still low (due to the currency exchange). We are not yet xenophobic, and face it, being on the other side of the fence is a refreshing change.

We have hired Singaporeans into MNCs here, even Taiwanese and Indians. They assimilate well.


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4 Responses to “Reader advocating for our jobless PMETs to job search abroad”

  1. Charles says:

    Cant agree more. If someone has the required skill set, no worries to find a job overseas. I myself moved over to work in Europe, truly skill based hiring, only 30% of our workforce is local, the rest is from really all different continents.
    If you get a proper paid job you get your visa, no quotas etc. And jobs for example in engineering are plentiful here, especially in Germany.

  2. sal says:

    Agreed with you_ you can fly back to Spore during
    Weekend with the budget airline. With many years of experience in this industries, it should not be a problem in doing the job….rather be a taxi driver, security guard or cleaner.

  3. A govt that doesn't care says:

    Somehow, somewhere, our govt has lost sight of its primary goal. Contrary to what most Singaporeans believe or think, after being brainwashed by the PAP govt about meritocracy, one of the primary goals of the govt is to create jobs strictly for the locals i.e. citizens only. Only when there are excess jobs, then these jobs are offered to foreigners. That’s how it works in every country in the world. Only when these excess jobs are permanent then are the foreigners granted permanent residence. This was the practice of countries like Canada and Australia. Foreigners are only taken into the local workforce when there are insufficient citizens or unavailable qualified citizens to do the job. FYI, Canada has stopped accepting applications for PRs in the skilled workers’ category and investors’ category indefinitely.
    Until we have a strong opposition in parliament, our govt will continue with it’s meritocracy policy even if qualified Singaporeans will be replaced by qualified foreigners. That means that we will continue to lose local talent until some opposition party comes into power or if unemployed Singaporeans are prepared to cause some social unrest. Till then, we will just have to tolerate a ” pro-foreign, couldn’t care less about Singaporean” govt.
    OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE , For THE PEOPLE – that’s not our government

  4. oute says:

    Even our WP MPs are just as happy with the current situation…and of course their $16,000 pay and bonuses lah…

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