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Friday January 25th 2019

Jobless 28-year-old married woman with mental illness contemplating working in a pub in order to survive

Hi Gilbert,

How are you doing? Hope everything is going on well for you.

I am 28 yet still can’t find a job after the bad Indian FT company terminated me due to the medical leave  and they wanted me to do something illegal.

I do not want to sleep at night without peace that the authorities will come knocking on my door.

I am grateful for you and Mr Albert’s help during my toughest time of my time.

I am so sorry to disappoint you and the ex employer who wanted to hire me.

I had a miscarriage at that time.

Bad things really all come at the same time.

I have send out about 150 resumes but no reply up to date.

I have depression, PTSD, sleep disorder and schizophrenia.

I am thinking of stopping my review to my psychiatrist as I hate popping pills every day and night.

I have also just underwent a sinus surgery.

Things are really very bad now. My husband is the only sole breadwinner in the family and luckily we didn’t have any kid yet.

I am also playing with the thought of working in a pub to earn that extra income. I really have no choice.

Life is really very tough on me, I don’t want my husband to shoulder so much of my medical expenses.


PS: please change my name if you intend to post up in the forum or facebook.



Editor’s note: we are trying to see the writer for a session soon.

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2 Responses to “Jobless 28-year-old married woman with mental illness contemplating working in a pub in order to survive”

  1. sal says:

    This is a part of living in a pressure cooking place like Spore…one must be strong physically and mentally. Hope future policies will make Spore a better place to live especially for young childrens and parents.

  2. JayZ says:

    Singapore will only get worst. to maintain the 1st world status.
    What i see is that this country is a business hub. Not a country anymore.
    People who are born here in decades down will suffer even more.
    FT are getting all the PRs. They discriminate the poor FT. They want their kids to grow up here too. But when they are done. They will revoke their PR status and go back. That is what i see in recent years.
    The rich are holding PR blue IC. Pink IC r the poor ones.

    Not just you who are in such desperation. Many pink IC are going through this. you can see how unhappy people are in public and not graceful anymore to each other. everyone seem to be in stress state, look like having some depression disorder similar to yours. Lets see 10years down, what singapore will turn into.

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