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Saturday January 13th 2018

Jobless graduate coping badly with office bullying and double dismissal

Hi Gilbert,

I am currently unemployed due to my mental condition. I was fired by two companies within the first half of this year and it was traumatic to my emotional health.

I was a victim of workplace bully by the “foreign talents” in my previous companies.

I was outnumbered by the foreigners and the management didn’t manage to help resolve this issue.

This has resulted in further worsening of my mental condition which was just a very mild case previously.

I have managed to recover from my mental condition last year and was leading a fulfilling life after graduating with a degree in accounting and finance.

But due to the workplace bullying, it has resulted in worsening of my mental health as I suffered blows twice this year from loss of employment.

Currently I am jobless and couldn’t find a job despite sending  resumes to many employment agencies and the government sector.

This has caused traumatic blows to me and I am in emotional distress. I locked myself up at home everyday hoping to get calls for job interviews.

My family is very poor and I couldn’t find a job, I need desperate help.



Editor’s note: We are trying to arrange a session to see the writer soon.

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4 Responses to “Jobless graduate coping badly with office bullying and double dismissal”

  1. cosmic88 says:

    I went for interviews before, if the company management are majority foreigners, chances of getting employed is very slim. Employment based on merit exist but almost extinct. FT management will give thousands and one reason why locals are not suitable. The fact is that Singaporeans are very well trained and most of the time can do better than FT management people.National Service conditions is much more difficult than working life. What these people mean when they say Sinagporeans cannot take hardships? Only talents recognises talents and bring in more talents. Even if you are employed today, you will be 1 public enemy being surrounded by FTs, usually they take credit and locals take blame and asked to leave. I think those unemployed should unite and gather skills sets and asked organization that requires skills are available, are they ready to take in and reduce their FT content.

  2. australia mate says:

    Please go to your local family service centre for help, mfs for financial assistance, wda for job search and hua si for job assistance too.

  3. sal says:

    Spore, is becoming migrant city. Expect that your colleague or boss to be a foreigner. Party that govern the city must come out with policies that protect citizens from job discrimination or etc. Start to accept others cultural and traditional.

  4. You Die Your Business says:

    1) How was the writer “bullied” by foreign talents in his company?

    2) Why was the writer fired by 2 different companies within such a short span of time?

    I don’t think any company would waste the time & effort to hire someone and then dismiss them a few months later.

    I’m sorry to say that its very likely that the writer’d mental condition has created some serious issues for the course of his work or he had committed some horrible mistake that the companies have no choice but to let him go.

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